Sunday, August 10, 2008

Time Filler

So I, like many other fellow bloggers, am obsessed with the olympics. So badly that last night Andres caught me watching in my olympic sweat pants! My parents went to an olympic training facility before the Greece olympics and brought back a pair of white sweat pants with the 2004 Olympic logo on them, so I brushed the dust off them last night. Unfortunately he called me out when I tried to explain to him that 'I thought they were a different pair of white shorts!'

No matter the reason, I needed to be comfortable because I had lots of TIVO to catch up on...and am still trying to catch up. I have set the cable box to record everything olympic related on channel 4 (in HD of course!) and then I can 4xFF through the BS. For instance, Hand Ball? Really folks? Where does one go to qualify for the olympics playing hand ball? Where does one go to play an organized game of hand ball period? And badminton? I haven't seen a birdie since my sophomore year when I finished my PE requirements. I just don't understand where these sports come from and who had the brilliant idea to add them as an olympic sport?

So I did a little research...and I know you are so glad I did it instead of you! First off, Hand ball (and i only focus on these 2 sports first because they are the first off hand sports to air so far...I know there are better ones to come!) I found a website for handball here. Guess what, there is a handball league about 5 minutes from the house! Here is the info incase someone reading this blog locally has made it their life goal to make it to the olympic games playing said sport:
Tournament House 6250 Brockton Avenue, Riverside CA 92506, 909-682-7511Contact: Pete Davis, (909)798-2300, 1531 S CENTER ST, Redlands CA 92373 92507
Who would have known? So they say you have to join a league and they recommend you "play frequently because the competition to make it on the olympic team is 'fearce'"...good to know.

I also did a search for playing badminton (click link for further information) and the top related search was 'how to make moonshine'...enough said.

In closing, I will be sure to update my dedicated readers with further information on playing these low key, yet 'fierce', sports as they continue to air. I would also like to offer my researching abilities to help you locate a local facility offering the opportunity to sharpen your skills in any area of interest.

By the way, I plan to use Dana Torres as my inspiration and begin training for the London games in January. Anyone wanna join me?


Cheryl Ann

Did the opening ceremonies not BLOW YOUR MIND?! I thought they were the best OC's I've ever seen. I too am Olympic obsessed.

Heidi Thompson

hmmm. one of my former students owns the Tournament house. Maybe I can get you a discount.