Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pillow Talk

This Christmas was great-A lot of people had special requests for gifts that I could make! SO Great!
My little sister requested pillows for her couch.
Love all the colors. And I made them removable with buttons on the back

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The laptop Sleeve

I made a couple laptop sleeves for a friend and decided to whip up a couple more this weekend!
I originally made this one for my younger sister...then the older one pointed out it is "so much more me!" and kept it for herself!
I used a heavy upholstery fabric for the outside, and fleece for the liner.
Green is more Heidi!
It's ok, because I got to make this one for my other sister...
Chunky cord for the outside with the white fleece liner. And it is much more Mel!
This simple guy is for my nephew Noah.
Denim on the outside and a camo fleece on the inside.
Lastly is Hannah's!
She loved this bright colored cord print with purple...perfect for her bright personality!

These were so simple, but so cute! I only wish I had my own laptop to make one for me!

MIA-But still crafting!

I made these chalkboards for Christmas gifts this year. So Simple...and So Fun!
My sister showed me the idea from here
She admitted I should make it for gifts because she wanted I did!