Friday, September 28, 2007

Celebrating 5 Generations!

Families like ours is rare. We are blessed to have so much love to share with our baby girl and here is one person she is blessed to meet.
Meet Connor's Great, Great Grandmother... Nanny. She can be difficult at times but we are so lucky to have her around.
Last Thursday was her 94th birthday and a few of us met up for lunch.
Above from left to right is Connor's:
Grandma Hootie (my mom), Mommy, Great Granny (my grandma), Great Aunt Marti (my mom's sister), and Nanny. We thought this picture was perfect because Nanny falls asleep everywhere she goes and, although she is actually awake this time, we caught her with her eyes closed.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A couple seconds of fun for Mommy!

So I deleted the last couple pictures when she started to really let me know what she felt about mommy's play time... but I was able to sneak a couple goods one first. Isn't she too cute?

Tummy Time Interuptions

So we are working on more tummy time for Connor and she isn't so thrilled about it. You see, we have two other kids in this house that want to participate in the fun and are finding it difficult to share. They are both gentle with Connor, but want so badly to be a part of the fun!

Connor makes a big splash!

So the belly button has finally healed enough to move up in the baby world... She has been promoted from sponge bathes, to her own personal bathrub. Here is a visual run down of her opinion of this new experience.
Someone is NOT happy to be on this new adventure!
I really feel she was trying her best to flip me off!
Wait a minute... what is really going on here!By golly, I think she likes it!
Now I hope we begin (and end) all baths with this look of happiness!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Connor Madison is 6 Weeks old!

Our baby girl got her first 2 shots for her 6 week check up... and it hurt me pretty bad! The nurse attacked both thighs and she didn't like it. Good thing mommy was by her side with a bottle to ease the pain... she loves to eat! (Don't know who she gets that from:)! ) Maybe that's why she has put on 3 pounds since her last check up. She now weighs an impressive 11 pounds and 2 ounces and is 22 inches long. She is getting so big and becoming so much more interactive, it's awesome!

Also, Connor got a new playmate for Becks. His name is Buster and is a 5 month old Maltese. He has to learn some manners, but hopefully some of those will rub off from his big brother. Both the boys are getting along great and have lots of fun playing around the house. Becks has been awesome with Connor and comes to get me whenever she wakes up from a nap or cries. He is her little guard dog. Buster, on the other hand, is a toe nibbler and will learn to watch out for his sister soon enough! (He is less than half the size of Becks, the camera angle adds a few pounds!)

Friday, September 7, 2007

Our New Best Friend

Andres is known to be a friendly guy and I love that about him! He loves to meet new people and get to know them in record time. For example, when our friends Jason and Kellen moved into the building, he came into the house and asked me how much longer till dinner because he was helping our new neighbors move their stuff up to the 3rd floor and wanted me to come out to meet them too. (I hate moving myself let alone complete strangers up to the 3rd floor! My first reaction is to introduce yourself AFTER the big stuff is up:) just kidding... a little) Anyhow, we became great friends and he has since met just about everyone else in the building and is on a first name basis with all of them...last night one of the neighbors asked him if he ever considered going into politics:) Anyhow... our new Best Friend was given to us by our neighbors on the 2nd floor and we are now in love. Here is a picture of Connor and our new Best Friend:

Yup! It's the SWING! I read something in Connor's baby book today that commented on how some parents feel a pacifier is a baby plug... well, this seems to be the same thing in this house. She loves it! Our neighbors have a little girl as well and have given us an assortment of things for Connor including a huge box of very cute clothes! Thank you to our neighbors and thank you to my dear husband for being so damn outgoing and friendly!