Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Connor's First Birthday Party

I put out Connor's cupcake picture so everyone could sign the mat. I set out a cupcake bar where you got to choose your favorite flavor cupcake, flavor icing and sprinkles. It was a hit with the kids however I caught the grown ups mixing their flavors for some crazy cupcake creations! My inspiration for the cupcake theme was due to this awesome cake pan. It's a HUGE cupcake.
And I made carmel and chocolate dipped apples for the kids as favors. They were a pain to make but tasty! I set them in this muffin tray because it was cute and went with the theme, AND it was the only way to let them set without getting stuck! (I didn't post any cake eating pictures because there were none. She was terrified of the cake! I worry that she will seek counseling in the future of a cupcake phobia!)
I made this simple banner with some cute cupcake paper on each end saying Happy Birthday. The CONNOR part matched her invites with candles and glittery paper! Connor's favorite gift was this chair from her Grandpa and Grandma Hootie. She doesn't look excited or anything does she?She sat in it the WHOLE time and read each card before opening the gifts. And when I say she 'read' she held open each card and babbled something cute. It was great!
She got tons and tons of gifts from everyone and we thank you so much. Her daddy spoiled her rotten with her own DVD player for the car too, but that may turn into more of a family gift with all the use we'll be able to get out of it.
And then there was ME! About 2 hours before everyone showed up I had a tumble. I tripped on a stool in the kitchen and somehow managed to screw up my left arm. Andres helped me out with this homemade sling and I had my FIRST beer since before I was pregnant. I had been sober for 20 months...shouldn't I get a pin or something for that?

This is my arm now... X-rays show no broken or chipped bones, just bruising and pain. I've got a matching bruise on my knee, but this one under my arm took the cake! (notice it spreads from my elbow half way up my arm! The picture lightens the color, it really looks much worse in person)

And I think that sums up our birthday party fun. I promise to let others help next time, I got in way over my head and have the scars to prove it! Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing in Connor Madison Casstro's First Birthday!


Cheryl Ann

10 years later and still a klutz, eh?

CUTE party!!! Love the cupcake bar...such a great idea. If I ever get married, I might steal it for the reception. I will send you royalties for trademarking it, of course ;)

Connor is a lucky lady to have such an awesome set of parents who love her. xo


I stand corrected that looks like a great party. Connor is a lucky little girl, and so lady like ;)

p.s You can't shake your Martha Stewart image with that beer in your hand


too CUTE :)
i hope you saved me a cupcake, they look DELISH!!