Thursday, August 14, 2008

Connor's First Word

People have asked me several times if Connor has said he first word. Well, I could consider momma or dada her first words months ago but I don't feel she realized what she was saying. I believe that her first word has to be real and said on her own, without us prompting her.

So after much thought and listening, I think I have found Connor's first word... ECKS!

Yup Ecks! It may not sound like a real word to you but I have watched her say it and what she does each time that sounds comes out. She knows exactly what she is saying... Becks, OUR DOG! She calls him when she gets home and each time she sees him or we say his name, she pats her leg like she is motioning him to come to her. It is the cutest thing and I think Ecks works for her and makes a great first word.
Connor and Becks are great buddies and he is awesome with her. From day one, he would always lay on the bed next to her cradle while she slept. And if he heard her crying in the other room he would come and get me. He is gentle with her and lets her pull his ears, his tail and anything else she can get her hands on. It is cute to watch their friendship grow. I know he's 'just a dog', but he's our dog!



My baby can say Barack Obama, only it sounds like "mamamma", but I know what he means. It's all that Anderson Cooper we watch.

Positively Creative!

I checked your blog for your party ideas, very cute, love the clipboards and hope the arm gets better!