Friday, February 27, 2009

Cora's Playground

Cora's mom and grammy opened an Etsy shop to help with the fund raising. I got an email this morning from our coordinator for our sales, checked their etsy shop this afternoon to find only 2 items left!
May not seem like a big deal, till you look to see how many items they have sold already.
85 sales.....TODAY!!!
talk about a great response. So I bought a block...check it out and buy one too...all it costs is #2 at In N Out... :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tiny Pumpkin Addition

Proceeds of this sale will also go to the Cora Paige Playground Fund

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tiny Pumpkins- Page 2

I finally posted enough items that I have 2 pages!!! Wow, that good or bad? I mean, it's good cause that means my store is growing...but not good because I am posting more than I am selling. Then again, the last 2 piggies I posted are personal sales.... so that's ok. I am having issues keeping up with my buckets...I sell them as quickly as I post that's a good thing. Yeah to PAGE 2!

Cora's Playground

A Cora Update.
Please click the link to the right and search through the items listed by 193+ sellers who are donating their proceeds to Cora's Playground.
As a group we have decided to wait till Cora's 1st birthday, March 5th to donate our proceeds. As of LAST Friday, our sales were over $6,000!!!
Can you believe that?
Please help that number grow and buy something...there are over 550 items listed...and they are ALL way cute.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Connor's Parking Lot

This is what our living room looks like...when it's organized: Meet: (pictured from left to right) the Bissell vacuum, the shopping cart (full of groceries of course), the baby stroller, the rocking caterpillar, the lion 2-1 walking/riding thing, and the motorcycleI have tried to take some of the toys upstairs, but she actually takes turns playing with them all

...when is enough, enough?

probably never...

Then...and Now

So the other day I went to the bathroom (well, I've gone since then, but this story is from 'the other day') and Connor followed me in. After I finished I walked out and realized she wasn't behind me. Instead she was standing in front of the toilet, holding her shirt up, and trying to lift her butt up onto the seat. So we felt it was time for one of these: I do feel it's still too early for her to tell us when she has to go...but she has attempted to sit on the toilet several times since then so we will begin to practice now...
After that purchase...
I saw this dress at Old Navy the end of January and fought myself about buying when I went back was on sale!
Aren't the heart pockets so stinkin cute! The closest size they had to Connor's was a 2T so it'll set it aside till excited! random story...I was in Target today and there was a man asking his wife what size is '__fill in name__'? The wife responded with "4T. She's actually just turning 2, but she's a big girl"
WoW! Big girl is right!

Friday, February 20, 2009

miss Independant!

I couldn't resist this kodak moment...Connor decided she wanted to wear a beanie yesterday. So she put it on all by herself! I looked back at her in the car and saw's folded in half in most places and she couldn't get it past her ears...too funny!

Dora the ExplorA!

Check out my newest addition to my etsy page...A Dora Pig! I actually impressed myself with this one! She actually looks like Dora!
And yes, the girl's name is way too long. I told my customer (a co-worker) "that little girl needs a nickname already!"
Backpack and map are my favorite!!!
Now to tackle 2 princesses, 2 girly pirates and hopefully a Star Wars theme piggies...wish me luck and check out my store!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Can Do THAT!

I keep seeing these cute, shabby chic fabric flowers everywhere so I thought I would give one a try. I cut out my flowers, they were EXTRA sloppy, used some embroidery thread and a button, piled them up, then ran them through the washer and dryer.What do you think?

Crafting Bargain

I bought this set of "mitten clips" at Target, which were marked down to $0.48 a I changed my mind and bought 4 sets of "mitten clips" instead. Look at what I did with them...cut off the elastic, added some ribbon from my stash, and made $0.12 binky clips!! Hello! Talk about a simple, inexpensive and cute project!

Hail Yeah!

This is what it looked like at work on Monday...huge pieces of hail!We had to drag her back in...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A family Valentine

Happy Valentines Day... Now Make A Wish...

The Faces Of Connor

*this is my new favorite...her mean look. (of course she has to try very hard not to laugh during this face, she thinks it's pretty funny!)

Cora Paige

Meet Cora Paige Such an angel, with such a story. Take some time to read about this baby girl, who was taken to be with God last makes my heart cry. I am amazed at how having a child of your own changes your views and adds so much more meaning into every little thing life brings. I'm not good with these kinds of emotions so I ask that you read for yourself and click the link to the right.
Cora's family is building a playground in her name and the proceeds for the items sold on etsy, in her name, will be donated to that fund. I've added a couple items from my store and ask you to check out all the great finds other's have donated as well. You can even check out ETSY itself and do a search for "Cora Paige" to view all the items donated.
It is amazing what this blogging community can do...just amazing.
God Bless the McClenahans and all those who are showering them with support.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Newest Addition to Tiny Pumpkin

Hey there cutie patootie!!
*more styles are on my site

Friday, February 6, 2009

No More X Games!

I finished this piggy for a friend at about 1:30am last night (or this morning) and was so excited because it was so cute! I then grabbed the pig and my camera and headed down stairs to take some pics. Or shall I say, I BUTTed down stairs! I made it down the first 5 steps and then ate it! I mean it was so bad that Andres came running in so fast, I think he thought the roof was caving in. There I was...sitting on my sore A**, on the bottom step, crying. He was great, he ran straight over, asked what I hurt and tried picking me up...but I kept crying.
Again, he asked "what did you hurt"...
*sobs* "the PIGGY!"
"Liz, it's a what did you hurt"
"the Piggy!"
*slightly irritated* "You can make another pig, are you ok???"
"But the pig was so damn cute!"
SO I marched upstairs, took this picture and got to work on the Taylor Piggy #2...which is actually the piggy above...remember, I broke him before I made it down stairs to snap the pic!?!

Anyhow, I have been informed...the pig and I are not to hold the 2009 XGames in the house again tonight!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rubber're the one

Madison (my sitters daughter) called me this morning and asked if Connor could take a bath with her...aren't they cute?!?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

this is your piggy on UPS

oh sad day...

New Item!!

Check out the newest addition to my Etsy page. I happen to think they are cuter than the tumblers... What do you think?

I am working on a design for boys...but they would be great for the beach, the river or I can do an Easter theme for the Easter Bunny to fill!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bragelina and Bennifer

This is my idea of a Saturday night out! I spent the whole night in my 'croft' (craft loft...kinda like Bennifer, or Bragelina...I made it up myself:) ) working on projects. The Mr. bought me this cupboard for storage...worked great!
Then I bought a bunch of fabric today and re-did this poster I've had for 6+ years...much more fitting!The burlap was messy to sew with, but I love the textured look...what do you think? (*yes, my first E is angled at the bottom...on purpose...really)
Then I pulled out the glue gun and recovered these little felt frames I had, they used to be black and red (notice the red on the arm?) oops...
Now to see how long it stays this clean and organized!