Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Well I thought since I know these 2 beautiful women in my life, thought I would stop by and say hello and add some color to this blogging "thing"lol

Well first off we are finally settled in and it definitely feels like home now! I have to give it to my wife, she really knows how to DELEGATE. Baby,don't take it personal, I love you to pieces but things get done when she has the reigns. I am proud of both of you, now i have 2 princesses and being that she is your clone Liz, you will have a run for the money with who gets spoiled NOW! I am the luckiest man on earth and am so grateful for having such a beautiful wife and gorgeous little girl. Oh and GOD, thank you for Connor looking just like her mommy, she probably would have gotten teased a lot had she looked anything like me. But one thing is for sure, the kid has a lot of heart! She is so loved and always smiling except when the DAIRY QUEEN is not feeding her fast enough! Besides, thanks to Grandma Hootie's class on chewing and tasting wonderful and exotic foods, who needs breast milk? My Daughter can already eat french fries and mango!

I would like to say one more thing before I go, congrats to Grandpa Hootie!!!! The house is awesome and now, when she learns how to walk, who needs Disneyland when you have Hootieville. I mean Mickey Mouse is cool and all but dude Hootieville has the one and only BUSTER. Think about it, all I have to do now is buy a saddle for Buster and Connor will not only have a fast pony but Buster has the coolest hair cut I have ever seen on a dog. Thanks everyone for coping with this random little post of mine. Maybe I will pop up every now and then and post again. Till then take care and see you soon!

p.s. Liz you are a wonderful wife and an amazing mother to our beautiful daughter with that I am the richest man on earth I love you both!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Connor's new Bling

Did you notice anything new on Connor in her Mango eating pictures... she got her ears pierced. I was super excited to get this done and she was very good. She cried for maybe 30 seconds and lets me clean and twist them everyday. She's one tough cookie!

Mongo Anyone?

No caption necessary...

Happy Birthday to Me

Before... After...My father has always said that furniture and/or appliances are not good enough to be gifts. Well, while Andres agrees with him, I do not. Happy birthday to me (a week late) and thank you Andres for our new Fridge. Not only are we out of an apartment, we now OWN our own fridge... am I the only one who gets excited about this stuff?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bargain Bragging

Ok, I've got a new bargain item to post. Above is a set of hair clips that are actually really cute!
I love the ribbon and the clips work well too. However, I wasn 't so excited about the price.
$9.99!!!!! Wow, that is insane. I really wonder how many of these things are sold.
I thought that price seemed a bit too steep so I did a little research and found these same clips online.
Now here is the price the Beauty Salon Supply store was charging for these clips:
Price: $3.99
OK, did everyone catch that? $3.99 for ONE HUNDRED of the clips. So that means I can make these clips with ribbon in my craft room (cause I have one of those now!) and it will cost me $.04 each! Wow, that's like a... a huge profit margin! So if anyone thinks these clips are super cute too, let me know and I'll make them for you for just $6.99.
I think I'll start planing my retirement now. By the way, this is a non-bargain bragging post.


So this weekend was the BIG move for Grandma and Grandpa Hootie. We headed over Thursday night to deliver some boxes and check out their progress. Dad had a positive outlook and mom was on a roll. Mel entertained Connor, or at least Mel's purses entertained Connor and Ian, well Ian walks around with a phone attached to his ear or his fingers. So between calls and texts to Amanda, Ian was making OK progress.

I'll be back next time to show pictures of the new pad... it's pretty dang impressive.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Connor's First Carne!

Grammy gave Connor her first piece of Carne Asada. She sucked on it for a while and enjoyed the new flavor. I find mom and dad need to turn their heads when Connor hangs out with either one of her Grandma's... they both love to feed her anything BUT breast milk!

Another Day Closer

Ok, So I got lots done today and we are getting more excited. We now have a house that is our home... at least down stairs and Connor's room looks like our home. Here are a couple updated pictures from tonight. (And did I mention that I passed up a pedicure to get this far!)
I still need to update a few picture frames to add to the shelves but I am getting closer. Even the kitched is getting closer. And yes, that is an empty space for a Fridge. One was supposed to come with the house, however the movers packed it up and shipped it to Georgia with the rest of their things... oops! So my parents gave us their 'garage fridge' but it for sure belongs in a garage. But it works and we have cold food to cook and eat! So we are on the look out for a new fridge and I think we just found and washer and dryer that will be here on Monday.. yeah!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Quick Lunch Time Update

We are now in our house... of course the boxes are still in the house with us, full. We love it! It is soo nice to have our own place where we don't have to worry about the neighbors upstairs, or the dogs being on the patio for too long. Here are a few pics to give you an idea of what we're working with. I refuse to catpure the 2nd floor because you can't even see it. It's a mess of boxes, clothes and furniture all over.

Here's our kitchen, I am about 75% done here. It's huge and perfect and I love having a window over the kitchen sink to look out into the backyard.

And this is the formal living room and dining room. Last night Connor's dresser got taken upstairs but the rest will be empty for a while. While it's nice to move from a small apartment into a house, the furniture situation is quite a difference. We went from being oout of room to having too much... but I'm not complaining!

Ok, now on to our next exciting activities. Here is Connor:Here is Connor pulling herself up with the side of the play pen:Here is Connor thinking she is cute enough to get away with anything (which is almost true):
Here is Connor sitting lower in the play pen after mommy decided she had to accept that her baby is getting bigger and her curiosity will probably take her over the edge... of the play pen!

Connor doesn't like this new situation much... she is much happier in the box!

More to Come... lunch time is now over!