Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lemon Chicken Done Right

Random, I know, but someone on FB made a comment about making lemon chicken for dinner. So I did a quick search, and decided I'm gonna make it too! I found this simple recipe on and am gonna give it a try!
I forget how simple it can be to make lots of our restaurant favorites..I'll let you know how it turns out.
(Too bad I can't whip it up for lunch right now.)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Birthday Party-Part 1

Here are some pictures of the action. Sorry for the blurry camera, I forgot to switch settings before handing it over to the designated picture taker, my sister. I am kicking myself right now...Connor in her fancy dress...that she wore for less than an hour. All's the thought that counts.
Then Auntie Lissa changed her into her very cute bikini and took her for a swim!Madison jumped off the diving board
And had some very fancy landings
We broke Connor's pinata from last year that has been sitting in the top of her closet.
And she was going to town...Till we took the bat away for the other kids to take a turn...mean mommy!Julia took some good hits
Daryn knocked the cherry off!
So Andres and I had to McGyver the thing back together to let the other kids hit.Quick picture op while I ran to find a knife.
Hannah took some swings! (Might I add, Hannah also jumped off the diving board for the first time...I just don't have pics to share.)
Jack pulled out his hockey skills and took some swings also!
Noah hit a home run!
Which prepared it for Anthony to take one swing and knock all the candy out!
Connor filed her bag (which I hid when we got home.)
We took a moment for another photo op.
Melissa, Julia and baby LeVesque (coming in Oct) hung out at the craft table.
And Connor got her color on too!
It was then time for a wardrobe change and a sucker to keep her calm. (Still not sure why I gave her the blue one. You'll see why in her present opening pictures.)
We (andres and I) blew out the candles in her cake.
*Present opening pics to come later...when my sister shares them from her camera*
Then it was time for a nap!
As I cleaned up...Connor did some light reading
And I sware...she wore these around for at least half an hour.
She did some jumping on the bed...till she took a break...with the googles.
It was a long night and we had tons of fun.
Thank you to everyone who came and helped us celebrate our little pumpkin. We are blessed to have so many great friends and families in our lives.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A PaperDoll Birthday!

Sunday we celebrate Connor's 2nd birthday.
My parents were kind enough to allow us to use their house (or shall I say pool and a/c) for the festivities and it was a hit!These were the centerpieces on the tables. The flowers were out of my moms garden. This was her banner. A long row of paper dolls. My only complaint was the fact the only paper I had (roll of butcher paper that is) was white so it didn't really stand out...but it got the job done.
The Food! I did kid friendly, finger sandwhiches, cut out with cookie cutters. We served egg salad, ham & cheese and good ole' PB&J!The Cake!
I cheated and ordered a Costco cake Plane Jane Style. Then added my own touches with the writing and dolls.My Sugar Cookies....soooo tasty! My sister gave Connor these clothes themed cookie cutters for her first Christmas. I completely forgot I had them till I started making the perfect! Thanks Heidi. And thanks to Andres' sister and friend for frosting them for me while I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off!I decided not to play any games, which was a good thing since NO ONE GOT OUT OF THE POOL! But I did set up this crafting area just in case someone got tired of the water. These were the favors. Simple bags with a note saying "Thanks, you're a doll!" The girls got pink bags filled with the paper doll set seen bellow. While the boys got blue bags with paper airplanes.These were the dolls inside of the girl's bags. My mom actually made them! She bought paper doll fabric, cut it out, felted the bag and laminated the front. Then cut out coordinating outfits to go with each doll. This girl was my favorite, with her pink dress and flowered hat. So cute!
Thanks again, to everyone who helped. We couldn't have done it without you!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday pictures will be up soon!

But in the mean time...check her out!
Cute Giveaway...and a great blog!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My First...Piggy!

Special Orders are fun and allow me to play with new ideas(that is a helmet next to her name)And this is for Nuria's new baby granddaughter...who isn't born yet!Just just wanted pink and girly.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

She wore an itsy bitsy...

Check HER out! I don't know which looks more pinch-able...the belly or the booty?Wook Momma! Foot Wet! (yes, that's really what she was saying!)
Blowing bubbles
This is the kind of picture she will hate me later for keeping

Slowing down....
ready for a nap...
It must be time to get out...'cold momma, cold!'