Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween

Connor's First Halloween

Daddy got to pick her costume and then mommy got to make it! It was my first big sewing project and I need more pratice. It was fun and I learned a lot about patience and not giving up. Grandma Hootie had to jump in a couple times with the head thing, but we got it done!
Next project: A Christmas Dress!

I did realize however, I am pretty good at carving pumpkins! We never made it to the pumpkin patch due to bad fire weather, but found WalMart had a steal of a deal, $2.98 each! Check it out next year... I highly recommend it.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jane of the Jungle

Daddy got Connor a new toy!

Connor is now Queen of the jungle complete with a monkey, elephant, parat, giraffe, butterflies, rainbow, lights, music and more! She loves her new play mat and thanks her daddy for spoiling her rotten... and it's only month 3!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Creative side of the brain

First off, why didn't anyone tell me my font was so large my blog read like I was screaming?!? This small font is much better, and I wouldn't even mind going smaller.
Secondly: Why am I not funny? Is it because I am a new mom and just want to post pictures of my kid? I read everyone else's blog and they tell funny stories or share interesting thoughts... where are my interesting thoughts?
Thirdly: Hey! There is my thought for the day. Is 'thirdly' a word?
My fourth point is: I have lost my ability to be creative! Maybe it was the epidural! That's it... the epidural affected my knees, my left shoulder blade and the creative side of my mind! That or else I am out of practice... or just not a blogger. I never thought of that. My mom has all of these talents, ie; sewing, cooking, guilt trips, crafting, etc... you know? And I have always said that each one of us girls have inherited a talent or two of hers (Andres says I perfected her guilt trips). Anyhow, Heidi can cook and craft, Mel can cook and sew, and I can... bake a mean cake? I like to scrapbook like them but have trouble getting started, Heidi once assigned me the green bean casserol at Thanksgiving because "it's hard to screw up 3 ingredients", and it took me almost one month and 3 trial runs to finish Connor's first Halloween costume... and the ears are still uneven! So maybe I just keep trying, right? Maybe these talents will improve with time and practice? Maybe I will not only become a great cook (Andres thinks I'm doing better... or I just improved the guilt trips and made him feel obligated to compliment) and a more precise sewer, but creative and funny! That's it, I'll practice on all of you... time will tell, right? Or maybe I'll just post another cute picture of Connor so I don't loose all 3 of my readers right away.

Midnight Run Down

Exactly 2 weeks ago Connor had a doctors appointment where she weighed in at 12 lbs 12 ozs, exactly one week after that Connor went in again and tipped the scale at 13 lbs 7 ozs! Talk about a 7 day growth spurt, must have been a rough week!
While I walked down to the pharmacy, daddy decided to use their down and help her brain grow as quickly as her belly!

Saturday, Connor spent the evening with her Aunt Michelle and cousins Bradley and Daryn.

And here's a quick peak at our Sunday morning...


Oops, I got a little camera happy and missed my que.

Sunday evening was spent at the Hooties, where I finally finished her Halloween Costume while the family kept her busy!

(pictures of the costume will follow next week!)

(Connor watched Evan Almighty with Grandpa like this for almost an hour, and all we have to show is bald spots on Grandpa's legs from sudden urges she had to close her fist and jerk her arms!)

Connor had such an exciting and eventful week, she was sound asleep at a record time, 9:30!

Good job Connor, time to start a new week with a new bath.

(I couldn't resist the 'buns' shot!)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Screaming Inside

So tonight, as I lay Connor down in her cradle I can't stop smiling. She is such a blessing and such an amazing creation. We are so in love with our baby girl it makes me want about it (my original thought was that I wanted to scream it out to the world, but the last thing I want to do is wake her up:) ).

Friday, October 12, 2007

A dream come true... literally!

So last night, while Connor and I were dreaming of who knows what, Daddy was busy at work! When I woke up this morning, he had this suprise waiting for me.

May look like a simple laundry room to you, but it is cleaner than when we moved in. He even moved both the washer and dryer and mopped the whole floor! Do you think I would be pushing it if I dreamed to wake up tomorrow and find another room looking similar?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why didn't anyone warn me?

So I have noticed that parenting is a bit on the stressful side. It began when I was pregnant and worrying about all the tests and ultra sounds. Is she healthy? Is everything progressing at a normal rate? So many questions and so many stresses.

Now that she is here, they seem to continue. Why did she move her head that way? Was that sneeze normal? Why did she spit up her lunch? Why on earth does she eat so much? Is this normal? Is she ok? What does it mean? Do we take her to the emergency room NOW?

Well, Andres decided it was time to take her in for a reason other than a well baby check up. She has been a bit congested and her breathing seemed off. So, 3 hours and 2 chest x-rays later, Dr Kwasman felt the need for a second opinion... A 2ND OPINION? Not what a new mom wants to hear! The radiologist took a look and gave his opinion, she's ok. However, the doctor agreed to refeer her to an ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist. So we go on Monday and we'll be back with a full report.
Parenting, not a walk in the park... not this week at least!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Family day at the park!

Here's my last post for today... gotta get it all in when I can!

On Sunday, we took Connor to the park. She loves being outside because there are sooo many things for her to look at. She is extremely interested in everything around her, it's awesome!

ANOTHER baby plug

Meet Connor's newest toy at home

This chair is cool! It plays music and lights up when Connor hits the keys ay her feet. It's not her favorite yet, but it has potential!

Dinner with Grammy

Last week we went to...again... the Cheesecake Factory! Connor got to hang out with Grammy (Andres' mom) and we got to eat tasty food!!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Connor, the business woman!

Miss Pretty in Pink!

Grandpa Hootie bought Connor a new toy to get mommy to come back to work.

So far it has brought me back 2 to 3 days a week, slowly working up to more!

Last week Connor began carrying conversations... who knows what she is saying but it is pretty damn cute!!!

Here is a video of one of many conversations she has with the fish that hang from the top of her swing...I have NO idea if this will work or if you can hear it or see it, but it was cute enough to try and share with all of you!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My kids cuter than your kid!

Happy 2 month birthday Connor Madison!