Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Even though you may not care

I just had to share these pictures of my ONE YEAR OLD! My kid IS officially cuter than your kid!Just admit it, I won't tell anyone...

Why is it, by the way, that all kids pick picture day to be cranky? What a long weekend... birthday pictures will be up soon. (just gotta wait for my second wind)


Cheryl Ann

She is SO cute!!! Love the cupcake picture ;) Congrats on 1 year of mommyhood!

Heidi Thompson

She is so cute! It's funny but I completely forgot about how difficult picture taking is when they are little. I remember (now) being so over the top exhausted every time! The lack of cooperation is like Newton's law or something. It's going to happen no matter what!


Uh they never cooperate! I'm always genuinely surprised they get any good shots. Cutie! I mean... you know... not as cute as mine... but a very close second ;)


Okay so your kid looks like Heidi or your mom. Now I am sure you are all related. What can I say at least your daughter looks like she came from your side of the family.

All the pictures are really cute. Congrats on making it this far....time to have another one. Ha ha

Terri Nicks

Yeah! She looks like me! Does that mean I'm cute too?
Love, Grandma Hootie

Liz Casstro

Sorry Donna, I agree, yours looks like a Sexton and mine looks like her grandma! Thanks for the comments everyone!

Lilith Silvermane

She is totally cute :) It's hard, somehow naptime falls in their, a sibling cut's their hair, they mess up the outfit.. SOMETHING!! :)