Friday, September 25, 2009

You had me at "All you can Eat!"


Tonight we went to John's Incredible...

It was great!

All you can eat food including some crazy pizza combos.And then lots of games!

Connor loved Skeet Ball...which is my all time fav!

Too bad all her balls went every where other than up the ramp.
Then they attempted to bonk the shark's heads but that game sucked.

It was good times for a great price...2 year olds are easily entertained!

(*and so is her daddy!)

I had to share this picture because Connor's half face is priceless! Too bad it keeps flipping on me every time I upload it. So just tilt your head to the right please!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Meet Norma Jean

This is Norma Jean (daddy named her and yes, they all have old school names). She is one of Connor's first babies...who was sleepy at work last week.
So Connor sang her a lulaby and rocked Norma Jean to, really, she did. THEN...Norma Jean needed her diaper changed. Apparently she had a bit of a rash because Connor had to use the desatin. No, really, this was all Connor's doing.
However, Norma Jean's diaper (Pampers size 4 to be exact) was a bit too big. She it became a sleeping bag. No, really, Connor wrapped her in it.

Please note-Connor was behind me, under my chair, doing all this. I had no idea till Grandma walked in and told me not to move.

No, really, it was cute.

Tagged by Heidi

My sister tagged anyone who reads her 1 blog post a I played along.
You are to open you picture file, choose the 3rd file then the 3rd picture and post it.
So here's mine:

It's a picture of Heidi herself trying to hula hoop in a sombrero at her birthday dinner in April of 2006 at Joe's Crab Shack. If I recall correctly we actually celebrated Heidi's birthday, mine and Andres' engagement and Melissa first date!

Now THAT is funny stuff.

Now I tag anyone else who wants to play along!

Etsy over Private

Here's the deal.
I started selling my piggies wholesale and putting them on the site Tiny Keepsakes which is great and she is selling a ton of them-at least 1 order a day! (which is good for me peeps.)
However, I realized I loose my ability to be creative with selling them on this site.
Etsy was great because I could communicate with the customer and get a feel for any changes they may want, or different colors. And if I changed it up a bit I knew it was no issue.Take Sadie's piggy for instance. It is cute but I wasn't head over hees in love with it.So I changed it up a bit, made the flowers largers and softened the colors. I do believe Sadie would have liked Lauren's piggy more than her's...but what'ev.
However, Sadie's piggy is shown on her site so I am to replicate it. I guess, when you think about it, it's not that big of a deal.
But I like a little creative freedom.
In the end...duplicates save time, but originals make me happy.

Painting Pals

I am swamped with Piggy orders...thank you to all my loyal customers!
So I called in for the form of a mini me

Connor stole the camera which means her little fingers switch the settings...usually to this cool color setting.

From the eyes of pumpkin But we did get some work done!

Busy is good though...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lost and Found....without the Found

So last Friday was Bunco for me (won most a good way!) and the Mr takes the Pumpkin when I do. good times I tell yah. Last friday they went to Castle Park and had their pictures taken in a photo booth. SO CUTE. I would totally show you, but I can't find them. But I promise, when I do, I will share.

Thursday night is another daddy date night...wonder what they'll do.

Do you know about talk like a Pirate day?

Last saturday was National Talk Like a Pirate Day!
And also my brother-in-law Miles' birthday. So we got dressed up and had a party...a pirate party!
This is the only pic I had after Mel and I got ready to go. The Mr picked walking the plank over dressin up...but he did wear a sword!
Happy Birthday Bro...a few days late.

Cora's Playground Revealed

Last Saturday was the opening of Cora's Playground. Thank you to everyone who bought items from Etsy that went to help build this amazing place!
It's is so great!
Cute! Cute! Cute!
You can read more about the Mac's here and read about the progress as they are planning the arrival of baby #2- Cora's little sister.

I'm still here

Just have lots an lots to do!
Coming Soon-more piggies

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Pig's Weekend

I picked these up on Friday Which are full of these (24 to be exact)
And I started fillings order(s). 6 are duplicates but personalized with different names.
And I even gave Connor her own mini piggies to paint (with washable crayons of course)
She concentrates like her mommy
But is cheesey like her daddy!
It was a good weekend and I am half way thru catching up on orders...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Quick Sisterly Love

My little sis just moved out into her own, real apartment a couple weeks ago. Which means...time to decorate!
We bought this fabric and canvas to create a simple wall hanging to match her decor. We used light blue burlap for the and a great texture.

(like my hands holding the camera in the shadow?)

And we (or shall I say I with Mel's supervision) put it together!

Turned out very cute. Simple. But cute.

Please note-I posted both pictures even though it's the same thing, I just thought it was crazy how much the settings changed the outcome. AND, the 2nd picture was WITH the flash!

Boys vs Girls piggies

and no, it's not for me!
3 more down....14 to go

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Heart Fall

I heart the fall.
I heart pumpkins.
I heart pumpkin flavor anything.
I heart halloween.
I heart thanksgiving.
I heart thanksgiving feasts.
But I really heart...picking out a halloween costume for Connor!
2007 with my first big sewing project!
Can you believe how perfect her shoes are! I was so sad she only wore them a couple times!

And here's a sneak preview of what 2009 may bring.maybe

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Piggy, Piggy, Piggy Banks!

A few of my latest creations!

I have about 15 orders in right now so production is delayed. But I'm excited about some new designs and will share them with you soon!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Melissa's Baby Shower and To Do list

A while back, Melissa asked me to make curtains for Julia's room. So Fun...we all know I love projects! Too bad I didn't take any pictures of them after being hung...but trust me, they were cute! Here are the throw pillows I made with left over pieces. Cute fabric, isn't it!The back is pink, the same fabric as the accents seen here. While we were at Joanns (squeel!), Melissa mentioned wanting a frilly apron. So I insisted on making her one! It was my first attempt and I used no pattern, but I was pleased. Now to get Mel to send me a picture of her modeling it.

(*see how my mom embroidered her initials on the pocket, cute touch!)Baby shower gifts are my fav! Especially when I can make them.

First off, I read Melissa's mind and made Julia a "Big Sister" shirt. I was very pleased with the outcome and even more pleased with Julia's new 'cheese' pose...she squints and says cheese but I missed the smiling part. So I don't have any pictures from the actual shower or the gift I made for her. But I found the exact same thing on someone's etsy site. It is a nursing wish they had these when I had Connor. Such a great idea and super eas to make!

Andres picked out the fabric and I was very Alexander Henry print. So Cute and I think it suits Mel nicely. Good job MR!

I also made one for Michelle but also did not take a picture.

It was a good weekend full of crafting and visiting...but laking on sleep.

Michelle's Baby Shower

Last weekend was jam packed with baby shower and baby shower craftin!

My sister Heidi hosted a shower for her good friend Michelle, so I got to help!

First, Heidi asked me to make a fun!Then, Heidi, our mother, and myself put our heads together and made these diaper cake centerpieces.I quickly learned that out family is all about practicality and decorating with useful things!And this was the cake! SOOO CUTE! I saw the idea from my friend Erin's shower and had to carry it on. Such a great idea and so simple!One of our games was decorating onsies and bibs.We gave
Then we voted for cutest, most creative and funniest. I won for funniest with my "Jack made me do it". Jack being Michelle's first born boy...I think this will hold true.

It was a successful party and we had lots of fun. Congrats Michelle and family...can't wait to meet the new addition!