Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Family Traditions

As you read in my previous post...I don't have any pictures of Christmas handy. So I am adding a link to my sister's blog so you all can see this years Underwear Tree! It's a great but random tradition that everyone loves to hear about! Check it out!

Cleaning Bug

I got was a good bite though. It got me to clean out our closet! I filled 5 bags with clothes and shoes...not sure where I found that much clothes to get rid of, but I did. One bag belonged to the Mr...I promise he checked it all out before saying goodbye and I got the thumbs up on everything but one sweater! I even filled one of my vacuum bags with clothes I swear will fit again eventually...but it's not a New Years goal cause those don't work. They are clothes that are too close to say goodbye to, but I did say ttfn to the ones I believe to be hopeless. You know, the clothes I wore in college that didn't fit before I had a baby. Why on earth will they fit after? Sorry self, but those jeans are water polo season jeans...and I don't see water polo in my future anymore. All I see are the 20 lbs I lost each season, back on. (and I'm saying I found the 20 lbs from each season!)

Either way, I cleaned and I plan to clean more and more and is good! I think I will start off my New Year by boxing up Connor's baby stuff on Thursday and making room for her toddler stuff. This kid is very well off...very!

Quick Update

So Christmas was great. Santa (aka Mr) brought me a new camera, a picture printer (which is soo compact and cute), a bluetooth headset, my Keurig coffee maker and some misc scrapbooking supplies. My parents added to the collection with a cricut and I am now motivated... or getting closer to being motivated!

*please notice there are no Christmas pictures yet. I think they must be on the old camera

Saturday was spent with family, again, celebrating Muffin's (aka niece) birthday! Connor enjoyed some good usual.Hannah enjoyed the great birthday singing...notice her and Connor wore matching dresses. Thanks Grandma Hootie! Geoffrey the Giraffe had to fill in for Connor in this picture. Jack and Hannah wanted their picture taken with her, but apparently she wasn't in the mood!Sunday Connor and I caught up with our friends Melissa and Julia.We did some shopping, enjoyed some dinner, and then let the kiddies play in the back of their truck while we exchanged gifts.
I love seeing Connor playing with someone her own age. It reminds me how big she is getting, and fast! I am blessed to have such a great friend with such a great kid for play couldn't have worked out any better!

Aren't they so cute together? Thanks Mel!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Round 2

Oops, I did it again!I started an Etsy shop for my piggy banks and signs. So far I only have Xmas signs up because i haven't had any time to make others...but I do plan to expand soon and add more inventory. When time permits that is.

Please note-the hair clippies were a phase and I have yet to attempt to sell anymore. I still have some if anyone wants a set, but I am keeping the extra cute ones for my own kid. Don't worry, I am sure I will have more 'phases' as craft ideas come my way and I promise to share.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

i won! i won! i won!!!!!

Did I mention I won at bunco tonight? And not only did I win... I won for having the MOST wins!!! It's been one year and I have finally won. I also hosted, which I LOVE. It gives me a reason to clean the house AND a deadline to get up all my xmas decorations. I would post pictured but I'm sitting on the couch, watching tv, posting from my crackberry and NOT cleaning... at all. (Does it count that I just spent the hour before my couch potato moment cleaning the mess? Looks great so I don't care).

Oh yeah, and not only did I win (remember I won!) Tina won, AND Carmen won (who did me a favor and filled in this afternoon last minute!) Yeah for ME AND my friends!!! Thanks for helping me out tonight Tina, it was great.

Back to tv... And doing NOTHING!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

GuacaMOOOOLEEE Anyone?

"Do I look amused Mother?"Lunchtime with the ladies at work on Monday.
My lil' double, make that triple...or quadruple.

Playtime with the Camera

Here is baby cheese ball and daddy cheese ball. Andres told her to smile for mommy and this is the smile i get! Here is the close up...isn't she the cutest!
Learning to work the camera at such a young age...that's my girl!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Scribble It GIVEAWAY!!!!

I would love to win this great piece! So Cute!!!
Scribble It GIVEAWAY!!!!

A New Look

We bought this table for Connor at Ikea a while back, with the intention of making it better!
So I finally sat myself down and got to work. Here is step one with the 2 shades of pink.
And the final result...added few dingleballs and it's brand new!
The MR. said it looks a bit 'mexican' with the fringe...but I actually like it. Simple and fun! I could add a set of bull horns to the side and hang CD's from the bottom....but that wasn't really the look I was aiming for. Besides, Connor's a halfer so a little 'mexican' is ok with me!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Christmas Decorating- Part 1

My mom and I hit up Michaels and Joanns yesterday for more crafting supplies. That's when it hit me! I have my own staircase to decorate this year!!!!! How exciting is that? So I bought a couple strands of garland and worked my magic. What do you think? (picture is pretty dark, but it's garland with red ribbon and lights...lots of lights!)
I think I may buy some christmasy things to hang and attach still...but it's a start!

I even made my own bow to match!

This decorating a house instead of an apartment for Christmas deal is pretty great!