Friday, August 29, 2008

Johnny 5 is ALIVE

Today was a fairly eventful day for a change. First off Connor came to work with me, which always makes for a busy day.
And then we had a visit from the Bomb Squad! One of my fellow co-workers noticed a strange, metal, suit case sitting in some bushes by a transponder behind our building. So he called the Sheriff's who called Johhny 5 (the orange guy above) and his team. They attached a bomb (which we watched them cool) to his arm and guided him in. They asked us to stay clear of any windows in case they shatter and not to watch. It really turned out to be a bit more uneventful than expected but it was still cool. All we heard was a big boom....yet we prepared ourselves for the whole building to jump and all the windows to shatter (cause that's what happens in the movies of course!).
The contents ended up being a computer, (I know, sucks) and no windows were shattered, or even rattled for that matter. I think the most fun and excitement came from the senarios and ideas of the contents of that metal case. They ranged from clothes to guns to a head (not sure what movie inspired the head idea, but we never rulled it out).

*please note all observations and pictures were taken from inside the building through the window...I was so not ready to be the heroine in case something really was up. And Connor spent the entire time in Grandma Hooties office, safe and sound!