Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Who's the boss Now?

So my baby girl is a bit stronger than you would have imagined. Everyone says she has a good grip when she gets a hold of anything, well here's what she got a hold of yesterday and decided she wanted closer.
She pulled her bear mobile off the arm it hangs from... crazy girl!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Not my brightest moment!

So did you know that on blogger you can change your template layout and then change the colors on it too?
I was checking out Cheryl's page and noticed she had cute Christmas colors and I wanted a festive page also! So I looked everywhere for that page, after not finding it I picked one I felt was close enough. However, today I realized I still wasn't happy. So after staring at Cheryl's page and thinking 'is there a trick to this program that I don't know about?', it hit me; Cheryl made her page! DUH! So I hope you like my Christmas theme, I think it's fun!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Our whirlwind of a holiday weekend!

The festivities started with Thanksgiving on Thursday. We joined my family this year for good food and great company. Andres recently found out his father and little brother and sister are moving to Mexico and is really torn up about it. Thanksgiving was a tough day for him, fighting the realization that his father will not be around for any more holidays. They have always been a close pair and Connor will miss her grandpa for sure, but we know Daddy will share lots of stories!

Here's our baby girl at her first Thanksgiving feast. I made her dress and headband (which she ate more than she wore!)

Our next adventure was Black Friday shopping. Mom, Mel and Carolyn (Heidi's mother in law) had a slumber party at Heidi's so they could begin the day at 4 am starting at Kohls. Andres tried to convince Connor and I to stay also, but we decided to go home and meet up after we got up. I set my alarm for 6:30 (my phone doesnt have a 4am :) !) but when we woke up at 8:30, I realized I forgot to turn the ringer back on. So our shopping started at 9:30! It was lots of fun and I do miss starting at the butt crack of dawn, maybe next year!

Our black Friday shopping ended early because we were expected at a wedding reception for our dear friend Shivali and her new husband Darma. They actually got married a couple weeks ago in Australia, but celebrated with their friends and family here at a restaurant called Tandoor Cuisine of India (or something really close to that). The food was different and the Seri's were beautiful. We had a good time and were glad to be invited to their celebration!

Connor and I spent the first half of Saturday doing some more shopping and almost finishing our Christmas list. There were still some great sales and we even ran into my Uncle Chuck at the mall, small world! Saturday ended on a sad note, completing our whirlwind... Andres got hit by a car while on his bike! He is, thank God, OK! He came out of the accident with a couple rips in his gloves, jacket and a good scrape on his arm. He was very fortunate and we all know it could have been much worse!This part of his bike used the have a white cover over it with the tail light... now it's removable!

Most of the damage was to the plastics and one rim so we are lucky it is all replaceable. Thank you God, for getting Andres home in one piece!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bachelor Spoiler Alert

Man, I am getting bad at this! I got hooked on the Bachelor again and spent the whole season watching every show and remembering every girl. I had my favorites and felt like I had formed a bond with each member of the show....just to be let down! Deanna, Jenni and myself all ended the show with heartache, and my husband asking if he could be the next bachelor? He watched just a few minutes of each episode and all of a sudden he is the Bachelor Guru, guessing Brad wouldn't want either. How on earth did he know? I devoted an hour of my Monday nights for the last couple of months and I am the one who was wrong? Wow, I feel like a failure, a Bachelor predicting failure. Good thing it's just a TV show and life goes on...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tasty Ball

Meet Connor's new love! I guess the book was right, babies do try to put anything in their mouths.

Happy Birthday Auntie Lissa

Happy 22nd brithday little sis! Hope you have a good day and we look forward to celebrating on Saturday... YeeHaw!
*hey, the date's wrong on top and today is the 8th, not the 7th!

Our little old wo-man

Thank Heaven for little girls
(wow, she has a bald head!)

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Trick-or-Treat, even if I can't eat the candy

Your never too young to trick-or-treat! Connor went with her cousins Noah and Hannah (and their friends Zach and Matt) to collect some candy. I know we are the ones who got to enjoy the sweets in the end, but I felt we needed to get some work out of the costume that took me a week to make before I packed it away just for the memories. We had fun... til Connor fell asleep, maybe next year we'll make it down 2 streets!
(I promise we didn't torture her too much, she actually didn't mind even thought it looks painful in the pictures.)

No Girls Allowed

The boys got a new place to call home! Andres bought them this 'dogloo' last night so they can spend more time outside and less time stinking up the house! Becks has been great but Buster... not so great. He has successfully terrorized everyone and everything that comes across his path. How did we get so lucky with Becks? Should we have stopped with the first dog and not tried with another? I am not giving up just yet, I believe he can be trained. We can get him to stop peeing anywhere he wants, stop barking at anything that makes noise (especially when someone on TV rings a door bell) and stop eating anything that will fit in his mouth (ie; Connor's pacifiers). In the mean time, Becks has to take one for the team. He has to spend more time outside and less time being free to roam where ever he chooses. Wish us luck while we begin with step one; the squirt bottle...