Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Move over Elizabeth Shoe...

    I read this post today and it inspired me to post a picture of ONE of my fav. 80's movies. Ok, so maybe it just inspired me to share my opinion (or lack thereof) about what the h*ll we are supposed to pay babysitters? And even worse, what do we pay family members to babysit? I mean, help a sista' out and let's get down to the bottom of this already. Will someone just put a price tag on it and create a babysitting program to build spreadsheets and print invoices? Maybe we can create a directory that may be accessed through some federal website where they rate each person and give all background and fee information. Oh and then the government can add that directory to the WIC list (or whatever that thing is called). Then we can pay them with government cheese,not sure what that is also but I hear people make random comments about it so it must be pretty special. Ok, I am out of ideas...but I really think I'm on to something.

Filler' Up

My sister recently posted that she is trying to cut back on Diet Coke...the drink of champions. Me on the other hand, I'll have another! Now that I am no longer the 'Dairy Queen', I realized I get to dust off more than my cute bras. I get to drink caffeine, eat jalapenos AND take real ibuprofen!
*too bad I can't use my eating for 2 excuse anymore though...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tip the Scales

*Just a note*
Connor survived her FIRST earthquake today. I, on the other hand, am still shaking.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy First Birthday to Me

So this post is all about me...and not Connor! Connor is completely weaned and I am super excited. My goal was to make it to a year and I was one week shy...close enough for me!AND I just realized that I can have my bras back!
This was me as of last week (well, my bra at least)

And this is me now! (*minus the leopard print, great body and long flowing hair of course). I can't wait to dig into my 'pre-Connor' box and brush off the dust on my cute, simple bras...I can finally get rid of those 4" wide straps and 9 hook backs! (*note minor exaggeration on nursing bra) YEAH to first birthdays!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Play Date at the Park

Last night we took Connor to the park for a swingin' and slid'in good time! I just can't believe she will be ONE next week!

Friday, July 25, 2008

You are always on my mind

*Spoiler Alert*
So I am randomly, always, thinking of new things to blog about. It gets annoying sometimes because my first reaction is whether or not it's blog worthy... isn't that sad? Anyhow, back to my point. Here is a picture of Mary Murphy, a judge on So You Think You Can Dance. This is a great show and these final weeks are going to be killer because I love as in L-O-V-E almost all the dancers that are left. Next week should be Chelsie and Mark (sorry peeps...gotta keep it real). May I just add, poor Will tonight, I thought he was a keeper for this week. Anyhow, AGAIN, back to my point. I feel Miss Mary needs to have america vote on her outfit for the week...cause some of these are killin me. This is the best pic I could find of a dress I am not fond of...makes her boobs look like she's got an 80 year old body. Sorry Mary, but I think you've got more than that to offer. I will say, and I will continue to look for a pic, but her worst day was when Mia Michaels (my fav) was a guest judge...way too much sequence going on!

Thanks for reading my random post, but I have been dying to share my opinion of Miss Murphy's wardrobe choices for a while.

Mama Mia!

So my sisters and I went to see Mama Mia the other night... we were spontaneous (which DOES NOT happen often). It was good to hand my dear husband the baby monitor and head out at 10 pm on a week night...after I cleaned out the fridge of course.
It was such a good movie, so good that I downloaded the soundtrack on itunes the next morning and have been burning copies for everyone.
I give this movie 2 snaps up in V formation....
AND around the world.

Monday, July 21, 2008

My locks of love

This was me at about 5pm this evening...look at my long, wavy locks (*btw-they were only wavy from being pulled back in a clip. Usually they are stringy and stick straight) And this is me NOW! Yeah to short hair and donating the long to locks of love.

Sorry Sox, Angels win again

Sunday we joined the Kelley's at Angels' stadium as they took on the Red Sox. Above is the view from our seats...what up high!
It was Connor's first game and she had a blast. I did the typical mom thing and dipped her body in sun block and dad bought the traditional souvenir bucket hat, complete with tacky angel logo's all over. It was a good time and am sorry I took Andres to see his team loose again!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Connor's or Daddy's?

We bought this toy for Connor the other night.

at least I thought we bought it for Connor...

A sad water shortage

What a sad little buddy we had...Till I spread the love...and water (oops)

And may I just add (well of course I can, it's my blog) that this awakening occured in just 2 days!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Project 2

And this was another project from my Martha night. It is a shadow box for Connor complete with her homemade beanie from the hospital and her Miss August onesie made by her Grandma Hootie. This was a quick idea that really only took me about 15 minutes to complete. I see now I probably should have washed the dust off the onesie before framing it (I had it hanging on the wall) and I'm not too thrilled about my name strip...but those are simple improvements when I have time.
I am, however, on the search for her hospital band to add. But realize that search will probably take weeks of cleaning and I'm not in the mood to clean, then again, who is?
*boy don't I sound lazy in this post...

Everyone, please stop looking... I found the charger

Well I finally found my charger and charged the camera today.
Here is a pic of my first clip board! It was such a simple and thoughtful task, I am super excited to give it to Marisa. I love this pasely (sp?) print in pink and green, these colors are awesome together. And the front has a picture of her new baby boy, Derek Ethan!

Complete with a note letting everyone know, again, who this belongs to... in case they missed the name on the back.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tonight was a Martha Night

Ok, so my camera is dead which makes me sad. I know my charger is somewhere around this place...but I'm not quite sure where! Which means,pictures will be posted shortly. In the mean time, I finished a few different projects and am super excited to share.

1. My first deco-whatever clipboard
2. Deco-again letters for baby Derek's room
3. A keepsake shadow box for Connor
4. A really good idea for Connor (but again, just an idea)
5. A cleared off scrapbook desk, waiting to be messied up again

*pics to come.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

First Birthday

I have successfully mailed just about all Connor's first birthday invites. Yeah! I was pretty happy with the outcome too (which makes it more exciting). Each invite is a different colored cupcake with a glittery, sprinkled top complete with a candle. I found the cutest glitter paper that I used to cut out frosted tops, candles and then hole punched and glued(thanks for the idea and help mom) each individual sprinkle!
Inside are the details for Connor's Sweet Celebration!Complete with a map on the back.
I have now moved on to the actual planning stages and realize this stuff is tough! From food to deserts, games to favors... there is plenty to do.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Idea Theif

I am in love with this project:
I found it here.
I think I may have to try this for Connor's room...time to dig through my mounds of scrapbook paper! Thanks for the idea and thanks for the comment.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yeah for ME

Do you not LOVE my new blog??? cause I DO! Check out the link to the left for Leelou blogs and pick one for yourself. THEY ARE FREE. (Do you not love that word too?)

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah for FREE (and for Leelou too!)

Bed Time is MY Time

MY time starts when Connor heads to bed, and this is the outcome: Her Birthday outfit is ready! My mom embroidered this cute lil' onesie with the cupcake saying 1st birthday, and I added the rest. I am a new #1 fan of rick rack and am about to start adding it to anything and everything around the house... Andres better hide his tighty whities!
I can't wait to try it on her in the morning. I had to sneak in and measure her waist for the tutu and really have NO idea if it will look like I pictured, but it's another first and I'm excited either way.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My advice...

NEVER buy an Audi...or a used car...or anything from Carmax! Our car is BACK in the shop to replace the AXLE! Argh...then they have the nerve to call back and tell me the 'coolant temp. sensor' is out also?!? This makes me crazy.

Monday, July 7, 2008

The mother load of contests

Check out THIS contest! Now I know I mentioned doing a small giveaway to generate traffic, but I can't touch this giveaway. Check it out and enter, good luck!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

My first tutorial...

Ok, so I am no pro at this sewing thing so I figured I would share the quick and simple steps I took while making these cute pillowcase dresses. *please note I am still in the learning stage of sewing and thank my mom for answering my many, silly questions. I am sure she could whip one of these things out in under 10 minutes...she is turbo like that.
My first step was to measure what width and length I wanted the dress to be. Remember, it gathers at the top, so it's ok to make it a bit too wide. I then stitched up the side to make a seam on the right side of the fabric. (when cutting the dress out, place the fold along the side of the dress so only one side needs to be sewn) * I am lovin my superb fabric trimming skills...look at that straight line down the left side.
I then turned the fabric inside out and stitched up the side again. I don't have a serger so this is an easy way to hide the ugly seam. And my third side stitch is done by turning that 2nd seam to the side, and stitching one more time. It looks similar to the seam on your jeans.
This is what the 3 step seam will look like on the side, not too shabby. My mom told me about this seam one time and I have no clue if I did what she was trying to explain, I think she said it was french. Sorry mom, I think I may have dozed off half through your lesson on hems.I then folded that fabric in half to cut the arm holes. Make sure you cut the holes deep enough so you have room to stitch a seam for the ribbon to run through.I used bias tape to clean up the arm holes. I am not a bias tape pro either so I added a few pics to show you how simple it really is after you get the hang of it. I stitch the tape to the right side of the fabric and the fold it in and stitch again, close to the edge.
After the arm holes, I fold the top over twice and press. Then stitch it close to make the pathway for the ribbon. *I am sure you have noticed by now that my seamstress lingo is not up to par. Corrections are welcome in the comment section.After the top is done I press the hem down, twice, to hide the rough edges. I love the rickrack I added along the bottom. Such a simple, inexpensive touch that adds so much...did I mention how cute this fabric is. My sister Heidi pointed it out and I agree, it's cute.
After I finished Connor's dress, I did one for her cousin Hannah too!
So that's my long, badly narrated tutorial. I am sure they will get better, assuming I tackle another project I want to share. I am open to suggestions, corrections and words of _________ .

And then This now equals This

I caught the new fridge lock being put to the test today...

And this was the response...

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sharing of Ideas

As I've been blog hopping these last couple days, I find that I love seeing people's ideas and creations. Therefore I am ready to share mine. Here is the invite I made for Marisa and baby Derek's shower. She is a huge Yankees fan and was very specific on wanting EVERYTHING to be baseball.
I found these photo baseball stickers on sale at Michaels so I bought all they had (and Andres cleaned out Wal Mart too!).

This prego girl diecut was an ebay find. When I ordered it, I had another invite idea in mind but scratched that when I saw the size. Therefore she became the direction accessorie because I felt obligated to include her somewhere. Isn't she cute, showing us to turn right...

This equals This

Someone found the cookies!

So someone else had to make some changes. I think weight watchers makes something like this because these locks are not easy to get past.

Secrets of a Good Blog

Ok, so I have been spending lots of time blog surfing... and I love it! There are so many giveaways out there that it's insane. I wonder if I do a couple give aways, I would get more readers... or maybe more commenters at least! I hear lots of people read my blog (well, lots being more the the usual 3 or 4 that comment) but no one comments. My dad says it's too dificult and unless you have a username, you can't. Well, Pooh on that I say! He comments on Heidi's and it requires the same amount of work.

I also notice that they blog daily... that one is a lot to ask. But it does keep readers coming back regularly and their content is fun. From crafting ideas, to tours of their homes, to tips on good sales...I like the content.

So, I am thinking about trying a few of their tricks but wonder if anyone agrees that it may work. So I ask you this; if I offer contests and prizes just for commenting on my blog, would you? Leave a comment and let me know what you think. If there are no comments... I will know the answer. Let's see if this works...