Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mad Money

Connor just started with new babysitter this week and we are so excited. She is our neighbor across the street(!) which is so great and convenient. I dropped her off for the first time yesterday and she never even looked back at me (which makes it that much easier to leave). She seemed to have lots of fun and when I called today she was singing with Madison (Tina's 3 year old) in the back seat. (I know, she's the cutest) Anyhow, the new babysitter really isn't the point of this post, it's kind of an introduction...a long winded introduction (which seems to be my usual trademark).

Back to my point...

Tina was stopping at McDonalds today and when I spoke to Andres and mentioned it he felt bad that we didn't give her any money. But how were we to know? I already know that the pay rate of babysitting is just about as debateable as 'thongs or granny panties?', but what do you do about spending money? Andres and I came up with, what seems to be, a great idea! We are going to put an envelope with cash (probably a 20) in the diaper bag for situations like this. Isn't that need to comment if you already do this, let me have my moment of brilliance (damn it).

However, I have one problem with this so called 'mad money'... how do I make sure I don't spend it myself? Do you know how tempting it is to have that cash, sitting right next to you, and your not supposed to touch it? That's like placing a treat in front of a dog and telling him to stay. (not that I'm compairing myself to a dog, well maybe a cute cuddling puppy would be ok). But really? It's like setting the clock in your room 10 minutes ahead so your not as late as usual... you know it's earlier than it says so how is that supposed to work?

Will power...I think that's the answer... or give it directly to Tina and have her test her own will power... mine's being used up to resist the chocolate donut in the left drawer of my desk.


Lisa B.

Awesome! How convenient that your babysitter is right across the street! Glad to hear it got all worked out and that Connor is happy.