Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Kind of Day

Consisted of the following:
  • Got up with Connor around 8 (she actually woke up at 6 and I got her back to sleep till about 7 and then we let her play on the bed while we came in and out of conciseness till the 5th time she sat on my head trying to reach the cup on the nightstand.)
  • Made breakfast. (Andres mentioned Burger King but I was not in the mood for a 8am whopper! So I cooked up some eggs, bacon, O'Brien potatoes and toast. Yummy!)
  • Put Connor down for a nap around 11, then put myself down for one too.
  • Woke up at 1:45!!!!!
  • Made some lunch
  • Went to Target (my fav) and Ralphs. (Might I add Target has THE CUTEST kids clothes! I swear, they just get cuter and cuter every time I go in.)
  • Came home and cooked a superb dinner. At least it looked great on the plate. Steak, side dish of pasta, BBQed corn, bread and salad! It was perfect...till we tasted it. Someone needs to take the seasoning away from me because the old saying 'you can never have too much' does NOT apply to salty rubs.
  • Now I'm going to go down stairs and pour a glass of wine and finish watching Hitman with my dearest hubby (after he finishes washing the cars of course:) !)

What a day...I think I'll add another to my schedule for next Saturday.