Sunday, July 6, 2008

My first tutorial...

Ok, so I am no pro at this sewing thing so I figured I would share the quick and simple steps I took while making these cute pillowcase dresses. *please note I am still in the learning stage of sewing and thank my mom for answering my many, silly questions. I am sure she could whip one of these things out in under 10 minutes...she is turbo like that.
My first step was to measure what width and length I wanted the dress to be. Remember, it gathers at the top, so it's ok to make it a bit too wide. I then stitched up the side to make a seam on the right side of the fabric. (when cutting the dress out, place the fold along the side of the dress so only one side needs to be sewn) * I am lovin my superb fabric trimming skills...look at that straight line down the left side.
I then turned the fabric inside out and stitched up the side again. I don't have a serger so this is an easy way to hide the ugly seam. And my third side stitch is done by turning that 2nd seam to the side, and stitching one more time. It looks similar to the seam on your jeans.
This is what the 3 step seam will look like on the side, not too shabby. My mom told me about this seam one time and I have no clue if I did what she was trying to explain, I think she said it was french. Sorry mom, I think I may have dozed off half through your lesson on hems.I then folded that fabric in half to cut the arm holes. Make sure you cut the holes deep enough so you have room to stitch a seam for the ribbon to run through.I used bias tape to clean up the arm holes. I am not a bias tape pro either so I added a few pics to show you how simple it really is after you get the hang of it. I stitch the tape to the right side of the fabric and the fold it in and stitch again, close to the edge.
After the arm holes, I fold the top over twice and press. Then stitch it close to make the pathway for the ribbon. *I am sure you have noticed by now that my seamstress lingo is not up to par. Corrections are welcome in the comment section.After the top is done I press the hem down, twice, to hide the rough edges. I love the rickrack I added along the bottom. Such a simple, inexpensive touch that adds so much...did I mention how cute this fabric is. My sister Heidi pointed it out and I agree, it's cute.
After I finished Connor's dress, I did one for her cousin Hannah too!
So that's my long, badly narrated tutorial. I am sure they will get better, assuming I tackle another project I want to share. I am open to suggestions, corrections and words of _________ .



You crack me I going to have to buy one of these down the road too?

Terri Nicks

The ribbon pathway is called a casing! Love Mom

Liz Casstro

I am starting a special order list. Maybe I can find some cool moose fabric... hahaha! That would be awesome (and I don't mean in a cute way!). :)

Heidi Thompson

just got to a place where I cAn connect to the Internet again. LOVE the dresses!!! You're so talented!


Hey Liz--That cute fabric is the same that I bought a few years ago for my friends baby at the craft fair I went to with Heidi at the temple! Remember Heidi? I so thought that was vintage! hahaha! SCARLETT