Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Move over Elizabeth Shoe...

    I read this post today and it inspired me to post a picture of ONE of my fav. 80's movies. Ok, so maybe it just inspired me to share my opinion (or lack thereof) about what the h*ll we are supposed to pay babysitters? And even worse, what do we pay family members to babysit? I mean, help a sista' out and let's get down to the bottom of this already. Will someone just put a price tag on it and create a babysitting program to build spreadsheets and print invoices? Maybe we can create a directory that may be accessed through some federal website where they rate each person and give all background and fee information. Oh and then the government can add that directory to the WIC list (or whatever that thing is called). Then we can pay them with government cheese,not sure what that is also but I hear people make random comments about it so it must be pretty special. Ok, I am out of ideas...but I really think I'm on to something.



Did someone say government cheese? Personally, I only trust my family. I used to sit my cousins kids, no charge. Now that I have kids she's happy to return the favor. Favors are paid with favors, that's what Andres says... now about that cheese?


My sister used to trade some of her lunch with the poor kids in elementary school to get their cheese. Now I think they just give you food stamps.

I watch my nieces for free. If my sister does not seem to want to return the favor I start out with "if you love your niece you will watch her for me..."