Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Birthday Party-Part 1

Here are some pictures of the action. Sorry for the blurry camera, I forgot to switch settings before handing it over to the designated picture taker, my sister. I am kicking myself right now...Connor in her fancy dress...that she wore for less than an hour. All's the thought that counts.
Then Auntie Lissa changed her into her very cute bikini and took her for a swim!Madison jumped off the diving board
And had some very fancy landings
We broke Connor's pinata from last year that has been sitting in the top of her closet.
And she was going to town...Till we took the bat away for the other kids to take a turn...mean mommy!Julia took some good hits
Daryn knocked the cherry off!
So Andres and I had to McGyver the thing back together to let the other kids hit.Quick picture op while I ran to find a knife.
Hannah took some swings! (Might I add, Hannah also jumped off the diving board for the first time...I just don't have pics to share.)
Jack pulled out his hockey skills and took some swings also!
Noah hit a home run!
Which prepared it for Anthony to take one swing and knock all the candy out!
Connor filed her bag (which I hid when we got home.)
We took a moment for another photo op.
Melissa, Julia and baby LeVesque (coming in Oct) hung out at the craft table.
And Connor got her color on too!
It was then time for a wardrobe change and a sucker to keep her calm. (Still not sure why I gave her the blue one. You'll see why in her present opening pictures.)
We (andres and I) blew out the candles in her cake.
*Present opening pics to come later...when my sister shares them from her camera*
Then it was time for a nap!
As I cleaned up...Connor did some light reading
And I sware...she wore these around for at least half an hour.
She did some jumping on the bed...till she took a break...with the googles.
It was a long night and we had tons of fun.
Thank you to everyone who came and helped us celebrate our little pumpkin. We are blessed to have so many great friends and families in our lives.


Flores Hayes

the birthday party is sooooo wonderful!!! Happy Birthday!!!
Flor (

Heidi Thompson

I will get those pics to you as soon as I see you! There are wayyyy to many to email!

Michelle Kelley

Super cute! I didn't even know you did the pinata until Jack came in with a bag of candy. Thanks for inviting us.