Monday, July 6, 2009

A Rushed Weekend

First off-this was one weekend that wore me out! I didn't do one bit of sewing, crafting or relaxing! Not ONE BIT.
It started with:
  • Connor was up all night Friday with a fever which made dad stressed out. We kept it somewhat under control with tylenol, but it really slowed us down.
  • I got called into work Saturday afternoon to meet a customer, who was an hour and a half late meeting me.
  • Which made us late to Hootieville for our BBQ and swim party.
  • At the end of the night, I realized I never took my camera out of my purse to take any pictures! But Connor wore her rw&b last weekend also, so here is a quick peek at her cute dress! (that I did NOT make! Thanks for covering my butt Ralph Lauren...He's so dependable.)Sunday proved to be just as rushed with this little project I jumped into, cold turkey! Oh but it turned out so cute and tasty! This was the cake my co-worker, Cristal, requested for her baby shower. It took me about 2 hours to decorate, including the cute cupcakes below. I didn't realize it would take me THAT long, which meant I was rushing at the end. Just to load everything into the car-and the car NOT START! Ahhh! So my sister came to the rescue and picked us up!We were about an hour late the the shower, which was not too big deal since it was a hispanic shower-meaning all the guests were even later than me. (*please note, I am married to a hispanic man meaning I'm allowed to comment on the fact that there is a difference between real time and 'mexican time'! I think my mom and I like 'mexican time' more!) My mom took all the credit for the cake because "she taught me everything i know" and "i get my talent from her".

Thanks mom! This is what Connor did for the first half of the shower. I was jealous! (her legs look so long in the picture...she is getting big!) Since my car wouldn't start, Connor and I went home with Grandma. She found her old walker and took it upon herself to climb in. She played in this thing for about 30 minutes, her favorite was the mirror, go figure! It was too funny and really showed me how big she is!

All in all it was a good weekend and I had lots of fun, but I look forward to an uneventful weekend in 5 days!