Wednesday, July 8, 2009

To Block or Not To Block

We have wireless internet in our home.
It is great.
We can use the laptop anywhere we want, even while watching tv.
(I'm a multi tasker, remember?)
However, our wireless does not require a password to access it.
I never thought anything of it.
I feel I already have enough passwords to remember, why add another.
Behind our house is a park.
In that park is a couple picnic tables.
Everynight, those picnic tables have a guy or two sitting at it, on their laptops.
It wasn't till a couple weeks ago that the Mr pointed out that those were his friends from down the street.
Apparently they have been using our wireless connection and I never realized it.
My question-do I block it?
Or is it not a big deal?
I'm a simple person and really don't mind, but am I being too nice?
Should I ask if I can get them a Grande Non-Fat Mocha Latte with no whip?
What's your opinion?


Lauren Elizabeth

Being nice could get you in a world of trouble when it comes to this. I had friends who had their wireless open and someone used it and hacked into their accounts and they lost $10,000. If you are letting them use the internet, and you know them that's one thing. You can give them your password, but it isn't them you should be worrying about. :) Sorry to be such a downer. But the family looks great! Connor is beautiful!


My thoughts...if they can tap into your wireless connection, what else can they tap into? This might be a case of being too nice; I agree with Lauren above. Be careful...

xoxo, Cindy