Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A PaperDoll Birthday!

Sunday we celebrate Connor's 2nd birthday.
My parents were kind enough to allow us to use their house (or shall I say pool and a/c) for the festivities and it was a hit!These were the centerpieces on the tables. The flowers were out of my moms garden. This was her banner. A long row of paper dolls. My only complaint was the fact the only paper I had (roll of butcher paper that is) was white so it didn't really stand out...but it got the job done.
The Food! I did kid friendly, finger sandwhiches, cut out with cookie cutters. We served egg salad, ham & cheese and good ole' PB&J!The Cake!
I cheated and ordered a Costco cake Plane Jane Style. Then added my own touches with the writing and dolls.My Sugar Cookies....soooo tasty! My sister gave Connor these clothes themed cookie cutters for her first Christmas. I completely forgot I had them till I started making the perfect! Thanks Heidi. And thanks to Andres' sister and friend for frosting them for me while I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off!I decided not to play any games, which was a good thing since NO ONE GOT OUT OF THE POOL! But I did set up this crafting area just in case someone got tired of the water. These were the favors. Simple bags with a note saying "Thanks, you're a doll!" The girls got pink bags filled with the paper doll set seen bellow. While the boys got blue bags with paper airplanes.These were the dolls inside of the girl's bags. My mom actually made them! She bought paper doll fabric, cut it out, felted the bag and laminated the front. Then cut out coordinating outfits to go with each doll. This girl was my favorite, with her pink dress and flowered hat. So cute!
Thanks again, to everyone who helped. We couldn't have done it without you!



super cute...& j loves those dolls (your mom is SO if you didn't know!)& the party was a hit :)