Monday, November 24, 2008

Twitard Update

Many (meaning 2) people left comments asking my opinion on the movie so here it is:

A bit Awkward with an extra serving of cheese.

Sorry folks...not so impressed here. Edward was still rather dreamy to watch, but I think his attempt at an American accent messed with his delivering of lines. And Bella was just awkward. I never really fell for her fits (reference hospital scene 1 and 2) but did feel her and Edward had some chemistry. I mean, check them out here in this pic...who wouldn't watch? (btw~i think that is James in the picture on the right...that long hair did not do him well!)
But I will admit one thing...they plan to make book 2 already and I am in. The good news about this one is...while the cast has signed on already, the director has not. I am crossing my fingers for a new director in the hopes she will move the cheese...with her!


Melissa Nicks

That is so not James, its Emmette!!!! He's dreamy too!
But I am kind of bummed that you didnt post about Jasper and his looking like he is in pain always! hahahaha that was probably my fav part of the movie... besides dreamy Edward! I'm in Love! :)

Liz Casstro

Ok, I did a little research and you may be right on that being Emmette. James is pretty good looking with short hair, so i just assumed. Wow, I didn't realize Kellan (Emmette) was that hot!

And, I did forget to mention Jasper's look of pain. His expression was pretty hilarious! I was reading Midnight Sun (twilight from Edward's perspective) and it elaborated on his issue with 'vegitarianism' and how hard it was to resist his urges to kill everyone!