Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Not the Clippies AGAIN!

As you already know, I like to make things. I love finding new ideas for projects and love even more pretending they were my ideas. My only problem, I don't always have people to give my creations to. Take my clippies for instance. I have a full book of them, just sitting on my desk, waiting for an owner. I give them away every once in a while. Or I have someone who needs a set for a gift every now and then. But, in the mean time, they sit, and wait. Until now!

Check out my new clippie holder for Connor! All I did was take a picture frame, place a cute* piece of scrapbook paper on the glass and hot glue 2 strips of 1" thick ribbon around both. Then fill the sucker up! I placed my creation on her dresser and actually put one of the clips in her hair this morning. I am sure it only stayed in for about 5 minutes after I dropped her off at Tina's, and who knows if we find it after she pulls it out...but it was cute damn it!

Tonight I may begin another craft...not sure who it will be for...but I am excited either way.

*you are welcome to use ugly scrapbook paper, but please don't expect cute results like mine:)