Friday, November 14, 2008

Post Theft

So I just had to post this picture of Hannah even though I know Heidi will too!She is wearing the dress I wore to my Aunt Marti's wedding in 1985! Yes...I double checked my year entry and I meant to write '85...23 years ago! My mom made me this dress (and Heidi had a matching one) when we were flower girls. Isn't that a hoot. She is actually wearing it to a dance at 'the club' tonight with her Grandpa Ben. That's my niece... not afraid to bring back the '80's!


Blissful Nikki

oh my gosh! Im having flashbacks to my childhood in the 80's! LOL!! :)

By the way, I am having a giveaway on my blog! I would love for your to stop by and check it out! :)

Grandpa Ben

Quite a few people tried to talk Hannah out of wearing the red dress. She was committed! And after all she does have a little of that “Nicks woman stubbornness” in her, that is not a bad thing, just a thing. She also carried it off in a perfectly elegant fashion. I’ll bet 50 people at the Father/Daughter Dance complimented her on her dress. Hannah looked every one of them in the eye, smiled and said thank you. It was one of the nicest times she and I have ever spent together. I am sure it is a memory neither of us will ever forget. She was beautiful and she danced all night. Being a grandpa is just the best!