Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Weekly Rental

So I am on rental car #3!!! No, not because I broke those too, because I've been renting them one week at a time. I've checked out and love it! I am able to rent a car for about $13 a day, which is less than half the price anywhere else. However, the downfall is I have to commit to buying before they tell me where to go. So week one was from Avis, week two was Budget and this week was Hertz.

Avis was great and upgraded me to a Chevy Impala with XM, Budget upgraded me to a Buick Lacrosse, but Hertz... not so great. My dear friend Steve was in no mood to listen to my pitty party, nor upgrade me to a full size for free. He did inform me I was lucky they didn't have any Geo Ghettro's or similar, that at least he was able to put me in a Chevy Cobalt... such a sweet guy! I let him know that next time i hoped to not use their services, that the other rental agencies were much kinder. Good news is I only have this car till next Monday, bad news is I still have to spin the hotwire wheel one more time and cross my fingers for my last week to be Hertz free. That guy needs a hug.