Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bragging Rights

Meet Ruby McGuire... aka spider-baby, aka Connor's new best friend. Ok, so maybe they haven't actually met but I know, if they did, they would totally hit it off. Not only are both their mom's famous jewelry designers (clippies count as jewelry, right? and I may be famous one day) but they share clothes also!!!

Now I know I probably lost you already at the part where I became famous for my clippies. But if not there, then I did when I told you Ruby and Connor share clothes. But that one is true. Cristal and Nuria, my babysitters at work (aka my mom's embroidery ladies) have an aunt that works for the McGuires and brings brand new, never been worn clothes that Ruby won't/doesn't wear home for Connor. Now isn't that the ultimate supplier for hand me downs? I have always been a huge fan of sharing the wealth on baby clothes, but this is the best. She just got a ginormous, get this, PRADA bag (must have been one HUGE, expensive might I add, purse) full of clothes, socks, shoes, an extremely cute bathrobe and hat. OMG! Thanks Cristal and Nuria (and your aunt) and thanks Ruby's mom for being so picky!