Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Penny for your thoughts

So this is the reason Connor kept us up till after 3 am monday morning... she swallowed our friend Abe. It all began in the laundry room and ended in the Loma Linda Ped's ER!

Sunday, around 4:45 i caught Connor putting a penny in her mouth and tried the finger sweep. After the 2nd attempt, she swallowed it and turned bright red. It was the most terrifying moment in my life. She choked, caughed, gagged and starting breathing again. I rushed her to the ER and the X-rays show Mr Lincoln waving high halfway down her feeding tube. After Riverside's GI specialist refused the procedure due to Connor being so little, an ambulance took us to the Loma Linda pediatric ER where the team took her on. Grandma Hootie was there every step of the way for 'moral support' and dad was trying his best to stay calm.
The procedure required Connor to sleep with the help of anastetia and it was the most amazing thing to see her little body completely relax. We left the room as the doctors used a breathing tube to protect her airway and a catheter down her feeding tube past the penny. They inflated a balloon and pulled the penny out. The procedure lasted less than 10 minutes and she was all better. Besides a sore throat and scratchy voice, she has recovered well.


Heidi Thompson

She looks pretty happy to have that penny out of her little throat!

That flowered hairband is maybe the cutest thing I've ever seen! Do you sell those? :0)


You are so lucky to see her do it. I can only imagine what you went through....I hope you can stay of the ER for a while. I thought it was just boys that did stuff like that.

Liz Casstro

First off, I hope we stay out of the ER also! Secondly, I made the headband for Connor last night and she kept it on ALL day! I need to buy more bands before I make a business out of those too...with the clips selling like crazy I need to hurry and start on the head bands too. hahaha...


Hey another warning about eating things. Leaf did a rotation in pediatrics and had a kid who swallowed a fishing weight. Most people would think it was small the kid is not going to die get to the doctors and get it out. WELL fishing weights are made of lead and our stomaches have acid in them. Long story short they can cause brain damage in several hours because your body "eats" it. Most ER's do not know what to do....Leaf had to research it before they treated the kid. I never even thought about it until he told me about it.


Liz! Oh my goodness! I was shitting my pants reading about Connor and her friend Abe! Tell her no matter how upset she may be with someone she can't eat them... I'm so glad to hear that everything went ok. We love and miss you all!