Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lisa Care

So Connor just completed day 2 of being at the Blough house. She did much better I am told... actually took 2 naps and ate some lunch. Day 1 was ok, however she didn't want to nap or eat her lunch. Lisa said she clung to her pretty much the whole day and was a bit fussy. So yesterday I tried to write down and actually keep track of times, for anything and everything. I passed that on to Lisa and it worked better. We are actually gonna get this girl on a schedule, like it or not! I now realize, by me knowing what times she eat (milk or food) and naps, Lisa is able to do the same at those times, resulting in longer naps (hopefully) and actual lunch times. I realize and learn more and more each day and may get this parenting thing by the time she's.... 18?

I, on the other hand, did great! As much as I missed her and rushed out of work to get her, it was nice being productive again.

Thanks again Lisa, for taking on this task.



I was all about Antonia too. Did you hate how they made it seem like Lisa might could win...Aghhh I got so nervous. Thanks for stopping in it was nice to hear from you.

Lisa B.

You blogged about me!! Yes, Connor is going to be just fine. Once she gets totally used to our home she's gonna start having so much fun. My kids will have her playing in their rooms and they'll be helping me with her care. It's gonna be great! See you guys Monday morning.