Monday, January 7, 2008

Where do I begin

Cheryl does such a great job on her blog about writing about anything and making it interesting and funny. I keep thinking of things I can blog about, other than Connor, and now that I sit in front of my computer to type away... I am stumped. I swear I need to keep a small tablet with me everywhere I go and write down ideas as they come. i randomly think of things I need to do at home and at work, people I need to call, stories I want to share with Andres, little things that I only remember when I don't have the time to do it. Why can't I think of these things when it's convenient? Our minds work in such interesting ways (mental note, mention jock strap and gladiator later). See, this is why I need a note pad.
Ok, I can't resist... I must move on the what I am watching right now. The new American Gladiators in on and it is very interesting. I notice right away that the writers must be picketing this show because they sound so cheesey. The hosts are Hulk Hogan and the Ali girl from dancing with the stars and they talk like they are reading the telepromter for the first time. They have to ask the contendors a question about being ready before each event and it is horrible. I am assuming the directors tell them they have to sound excited, positive and way too enthusiastic (as well as using far too many hand gestures). This one girl just lost by a gladiator pulling her off the rings, she then gets out of the water and said something about her hiss not being nearly as bad as her bite (the gladiator's name was Venom). Who writes this shit? I am sorry, but if I had to hold myself up in the air, hanging from rings, I wouldn't even be able to pull myself out of the water, let alone respond to an obvious question from a bad actor. I wish you all were sitting next to me watching this show, or at least at your house watching so you know what I am talking about.

Now onto the jock strap mental note. These gladiators are men and women who's biceps are as big as my thighs, not sure if that is good or bad... or just big. I LOVE THE INTERNET. I would like to share my evening of TV with you in one quick picture.

Talk about wardrobe malfunction. This is Militia and the contender who had to pull him off the disc to earn 10 points. I think he should get a bonus 5 for exposing a cheek and jock strap... notice that is all he was wearing under the spandex? After that, the girl on the rings almost had some extra exposure as well when 'Venom' pulled at her top to loosen her grip. This show seems to be worth the memory space on our Tivo already... and it's only episode #2. Happy watching and thanks for reading.


C. Witt

Hahahahaha!!! I watched last night too. Saul is really, really into the show. Did you see it the first night when the guy started crying because he was so "grateful" to get another chance at American Gladiators 14 YEARS later?? I'm with you on the writing...apparently they haven't changed much since the early 90's.

C. Witt

Thanks for the shout-out, by the way ;)


I watched the show too. I noticed that the Hulkster still had his wedding ring on there is drama. Maybe if they have gladiators for "little people" I could do it.