Friday, January 18, 2008

A Week of updates

So today was a new milestone for Connor and us. As I began to blog about it, I pulled up pictures and I realized I am behind! So let me begin where we last left off.

We are still working on getting out of our lease and are still open to advice. Tomorrow I am going down to the leasing office to begin operation lease breaking.

Last week Connor got to meet her Great Grandpa Jamison for the first time. We send him lots of pictures and I recently found out he reads my blog (Yeah!) but we don't get to see him often. We love Grandpa and we miss him lots! He retired from the 'family business' in January of 2004 and moved to Hartsville, South Carolina. Time has flown by and we wish we could see him more, but one thing is for sure, we always think of him when a can of Bud Light catchs our eye! Here's to you Grandpa, it was great seeing you again!

So this is just another day at the job. Connor was getting fussy so Grandpa Hootie came and took over for me. They did great together for about twenty minutes or so, can you see the strained look on both their faces? Connor was crying for attention and Grandpa was crying for me to take her back. Good times on a daily basis! Monday night we went with Great Grandpa for pizza and beer. This is my crazy family... and we all love each other tons!

And here is Connor being productive at work...
When the girl wants a shoes to eat, she will do what she has to to get it! That's my baby:) And yes, she has no pants on. Our little chunky monkey seemed a bit uncomfortable in her pants today so it was time to add them to the pass down box... it's getting full quickly!
And after she ate her shoe, she played in her bouncer. This is lots of fun to watch and very cute!

And NOW onto my original post. Connor's first feeding with daddy! He was sooo excited to give Connor her first dinner without Mommy. It was so cute to watch and she did so great. The doctor recommended we wait till 6 months so we made it to 5 1/2. Close Enough! I was worried she would have trouble and not like it but she swollowed each bite and kept reaching for more. I was so impressed!


Auntie Lissa

Finally you post again!
so first off i love that we think of grandpa when we see beer... in fact i drank a bud light last night in honor of him leaving... second, i love the new addition to your door hinges... role bar padding... smart!
and third if i were still working for you guys connor wouldnt be so fussy! i think she misses her auntie and i am so excited to start feeding her people food! well simi people food!
Nice to see you are back, it provides me with a little bit of home and family while i am away at school for the week... the whole 20 minutes away! ;)

Michelle Kelley

Did Mel say she had a beer?
Man, I'm getting old!