Thursday, September 3, 2009

Melissa's Baby Shower and To Do list

A while back, Melissa asked me to make curtains for Julia's room. So Fun...we all know I love projects! Too bad I didn't take any pictures of them after being hung...but trust me, they were cute! Here are the throw pillows I made with left over pieces. Cute fabric, isn't it!The back is pink, the same fabric as the accents seen here. While we were at Joanns (squeel!), Melissa mentioned wanting a frilly apron. So I insisted on making her one! It was my first attempt and I used no pattern, but I was pleased. Now to get Mel to send me a picture of her modeling it.

(*see how my mom embroidered her initials on the pocket, cute touch!)Baby shower gifts are my fav! Especially when I can make them.

First off, I read Melissa's mind and made Julia a "Big Sister" shirt. I was very pleased with the outcome and even more pleased with Julia's new 'cheese' pose...she squints and says cheese but I missed the smiling part. So I don't have any pictures from the actual shower or the gift I made for her. But I found the exact same thing on someone's etsy site. It is a nursing wish they had these when I had Connor. Such a great idea and super eas to make!

Andres picked out the fabric and I was very Alexander Henry print. So Cute and I think it suits Mel nicely. Good job MR!

I also made one for Michelle but also did not take a picture.

It was a good weekend full of crafting and visiting...but laking on sleep.


Cheryl Ann

ok, you are way too crafty. super cute stuff. when do you find the time?!?!

also - on your comment about True Blood: I have caught snippets of episodes from season 2, so i am super confused as to what is actually going on. we're trying to watch them in order now, and yeah - this show is definitely a little like porn. i love it, though!


that pic of julia is HILARIOUS! thanks again for everything, i say we go out for lunch and a pedi to celebrate...on me! i'll send you pics of the curtains and apron soon too, unless i go into labor like, tomorrow...hey, i can dream. :)