Monday, June 29, 2009

Now on to more important things

I hosted Derek's first birthday at my house this weekend and BOY am I glad it is over. Birthday parties are stressful! And to think I have Connor's 2nd birthday to put together next month. AHH!
Anyhow, the party ended and I got to work on some fun projects.

First was this pillowcase dress for our neighbor's daughter, who turned 1 this weekend.Then I had Connor model the headband I made to match the dress. I thought about selling these on my site and am a bit upset that this picture is my favorite when it comes to showing off the flower...just ignore my bad mannered model! She was great to take pictures of and just kept saying "cheese" over and over again.
Love this poppy headband...just don't love the fact I had my camera set to "aquarium" mode and didn't realize it till after she was DONE...I wondered why the pics looked very yellow!
This is the magnolia headband I made...and this is my FAVORITE picture of her modeling it.
And lastly, I am looking for a good site to edit my pics. This was done on where i played with the colors. Pretty cool.

All in all it was a good Sunday where I did lots of crafting and even more picture taking. These are only a couple of my favorites and hope to get the headbands on my etsy site soon!


Melissa Nicks

the nose picking picture is AWESOME!
thats your daughter alright!
the action pose was super cute too... how you get her to look like she really is walking and look so cute is just amazing :)
hahahaha... oh yea the headbands are super cute too!

Liz Casstro

she was walking! I just kept snapping a real photog...till i got one i liked!