Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Crafting

I am a blog follower and love trying projects I find on other people's blogs. They are soooo creative! One day I wish I could come up with a clever idea everyone else wants to try. But in the mean time, this is the project I copied for Father's Day. Bakerella; (whom is the best and most creative baker alive) did these on her blog last week and even provided the template for the trays. You must check her out and see all her other great ideas. She was even on Martha's show making up some 'pops'. So Cute!
The fries are made from sugar cookies and the hambuger is: a cupcake cut in half, a brownie as the burger and frosting colored to look like condiments (ketchup, mustard (looks like cheese to me) and lettuce (she also suggests tenting coconut for a more realistic look). The heat made the frosting start to run though.
Hannah loved hers and even Connor is smiling (under that blasted binkie!)
I think Heidi loved taking pictures of it!
And this was my father's day gift to Grandpa Hootie. Sorry, this is the best pic my mom took and I forgot to take one myself. My dad's hot rod made the cover of Rod and Custom earlier this year and asked me to make up a frame to put in their game room....about 5 months later I finally did it! I am excited about the outcome and will post a better pic later, after its hung.


Heidi Thompson

You freakin' amaze me! I can't believe those hamburger cupcakes, for one! You are so creative that it kills me!