Saturday, September 13, 2008

Slightly Intoxicated

So tonight I made it through 2 rounds of Malibu and crystal light followed by a generous pour of bacardi and crystal light...andi fee lpr et ty go ood. We went to a BBQ across the sstreet at Tiona's house (connor's sitter) and it was good. tasty food, friend;y company and teenagers who's job was to keepglasses full...[;lease note I ammaking no attempts tocorrectmy grammar or spelling beuase I am too confortableto do so right now. I love my beuighbors. Z(sorry,. hit a wrong key on that one...all well) but i am sad becuase they are about to put in an offer on a hew house,which isnot on our street might I add. They are goodpeople and i am happyu that the new house is really close to my work and I have been informed all babysitting plans are stillon no matter when or where they move to. Connor had fun too...playing with her friends and eatting 2 pieces of chocolate cake! (sorry strict parents, we let her splurge tonight). Anyhow, Ijust thought i would give blogging a shot while I amnot completely in blogging mode...i think i like it and am really not concerned if you do or not. This blog is all about me, isn't it?

btw-the funeral potatos were a hit...and Madison seemed to love the cake I made too! Thanks pillsburry, your recipe for confetti cake will be passed onto my children and my children;s children and so on...



This B.U.I may just be your best post EVER! I think I'll buy you a box of wine for Christmas.

Heidi Thompson

Hey drunko,
give me a call. I don't like not being able to communicate with you. Thank goodness for this blog, otherwise I'd be totally out of touch.



uh..your blog was posted at 946 pm...which means you are old. Even I can manage to stay up late drinking. When I was doing my master's 2 years ago I was hosting a party, drinking margarita's, and writing a paper. I got an A. You need to come up north for some real partying...past 10.

Michelle Kelley

are you still recovering from your hang over?