Wednesday, September 3, 2008

All about me being tagged

I’ve been ‘tagged’ by Cheryl (thanks girl, I needed another excuse to talk about me)!
She forgot to post the rules so I did a little search of my own and here's what I found. (figures she would break the first rule)

Here are the tagging rules:
1. Post the rules on your blog
2. Write 6 random things about yourself
3. Tag 6 people at the end of your post (ok, 6 people is a lot by the way!)
4. If you are tagged, DO IT and pass it along

Random Facts 'All About ME'
1. I hate doing the dishes AND washing loads of white clothes! BUT, I also hate looking at dirty dishes and not having whites to wear. Sucks sometimes! Dishes are just annoying because they stack up so quickly and whites suck cause it's always the little things that take forever to fold and put away. You know, like socks and undies and everything else that doesn't fold as easily as a towel!

2. (I promise these random facts will get more random and entertaining as the overworked hampster in my brain starts running on the wheel again...he may need motivation in the form of ice cream!) Cool, my random fact number 2 is I LOVE ICE CREAM! I think it should be a basic food group really, don't you? AND on the top of the pyramid (of course the pyramid would be a little off with the new addition, but the food group planning nutritionist people can make it work, I have faith)

3. I bite Connor's finger nails. Wait, is that a bad fact to share? Shoot! When do I know where to stop and when I've gone too far? dang it. Ok, if you don't like that fact or think bad of me for doing that to her... ah, whatever. who am I kidding? I don't care. I bite Connor's there! It may be a bad habit but I thought I heard the nurses at the hostiptal when she was born telling me it was an option. And she thinks it's a game so she plays along and let's me do it. Whatever works I say, whatever works.

4. (I really have to list 6 of these bad boys?) I think I have a mild form of OCD. Is that random? Anyhow, I have this issue with cleaning and getting really cranky/irritable/unpleasant when I don't feel it's clean enough. Andres begs me all the time to just sit down and watch tv, or read a book. Actually, Saturday night he begged me which is why I opened Twilight (and am now started on the 3rd in the series already. And, he just bought me the 4th today. And, (yeah I know, the ands are getting overworked here), he bought the hardback version! now that's love people, that IS love! They cost twice the price and those smart publishers only print them in hardback for the first few months (at least per my experience new books are generaly always printed that way whenever I am itching to buy it!)

5. Which leads me to random fact #5! I tell really long story with TONS of pointless info. See #4 for example, I started with being OCD and ended with my new crush on Edward Cullen.

6. (Finally) I wear contacts.

Ok, I'm done. Sorry about that last one, but I am getting tired and I haven't hung out with my vampire yet tonight. So that's all you get. I know, I know. You all want a encore, ask me some questions and I'll share...but otherwise. Good night peeps... Good night.

Oh yeah, the following are tagged: Shoot, Cheryl can I tag you and those you already tagged again? Or is that cheating? Hmm...
Andres ( Love you Mr!) , Terri (mom, you so need to update your blog already!) Aracely (got my package today and you are over the top! Thanks sooooo much, you rock!), Lisa (Connor says hi to you and the fam!) Mrs. Schoosh! (Sarah, you and Andres need a lesson in blog updates girl!) Donna (love the new house, can't wait to see more pics!)
Whew! That was tough. Thanks guys and happy tagging!