Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Just Wasn't In The Mood

Have you ever just have a day or two where you don't feel like blogging? That was me the last few days. And I imagine this will continue as all my shows come back on TV, how exciting. My Tivo is full again and I am super excited for tomorrow night's Grey Anatomy!

Anyhow, I just plugged my camera in and will update you all with pics... sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! (or just look for a minute or two, it really won't kill you!)A couple weekends ago we had a full house. We watched Andres 2 nephews and his niece (this is 'D' above with Becks, they each took their turn tormenting him all weekend!) We made dinner, played a couple games, went swimming, watched 2 movies and then passed out, leaving the house looking like a war zone! It was fun and Connor enjoyed playing with her cousins! This is Becks when Connor's done with dinner...not sure how he got up there but he is great at cleaning the dishes! This is Connor's new car seat. She loves sitting in her big girl chair, watching her DVD player. I was just starting to stress about having the transfer this seat back and forth between us and the sitter or breaking down and buying another till I got some great news. My dear friend Tobey (as in Spiderman McGuire) is giving us one of Ruby's seats (apparently it was only used for one for their vacations). I am super excited to not only get a 2nd car's a FREE and FAMOUS 2nd car seat!

I would like to interupt this picture show with a message about Tina and how great our neighbor/babysitter is. Andres just walked in and called me downstairs to show me a dozen golfsmith bags (my first reaction was to hit him over the head and return all the f*&@%in golf crap he just bought) but soon realized they were left overs from Don's (Tina's Mr.) Vernon PD charity golf tournament today. They each have water, gatoraide, a can of pringles, a snickers (he may find a few of those missing), a sleeve of golf balls, tees, and a few other items. So nice of them to spread the love and free snacks to last a couple weeks!Here's a good pic to share: This is the chicken I BBQed for dinner tonight. I had to take a picture because I was sooo proud of myself. Sunday I made boneless ribs that were so dry I found pieces Andres got tired of chewing in his napkin when doing the dishes (gross but that's really how bad they were). So tonight I did my best and I don't think I could have done any better. It was tasty, perfectly cooked on inside and outside with the right amount of juices. Yeah to me and a good dinner!!

And this is our pumpkin asleep! My camera died during this picture so it was the best I could do, but I had to capture her little feet (actually they are big like mine) hanging out while she sleeps sideways in her crib. She's crazy.
All right ladies and gents...I've paid my blogging dues for the last couple days. I am off to continue reading the Stephanie Plum series (I just started book one, 'One for the Money' and so far so good. Edward Cullen has yet to make an apperance but I haven't given up hope yet...I'm only on chapter 3!)