Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Playdates, Stairs and Loosing my mind

So I had something really good to blog about tonight and now that I sit in front of my computer...I have NO idea what on earth it was. But I promise, it was good.

Sunday Connor had a play date with Julia and she had so much fun. After lunch Mel took us to this tasty frozen yogurt place called Nubi where you make it all by yourself and they charge you by the ounce. Genius! Come to find out, there are about 3 similar places local to me and I had no idea. Here I thought Coldstone was the greatest...this stuff is fat free people! Fat Free! (which means, you can fill the cup to the brim and still not feel bad! Actually, I never really feel bad cause it's too tasty!)

dang it...I still have no idea what I wanted to blog about. Hmm...

We took Connor to the pool tonight and she had a blast. Andres played with her till her lips turned blue, then brought her home and climbed in the bathtub with her to continue the fun! I didn't get a picture but promise to next's rather amussing watching a 6'3" man try to squeeze in a bathtub let alone with fifty toys and a 20 lb tike.

Still upset I can't remember. But I am happy about one thing...I vacuumed the stairs this weekend! What a flippin chore that was. Earlier in the week I dusted the banister (which sucked too!) but holding the vacuum to hit each stairs was quite a feet and I finally gave in and used the attachments to finish it off. In the end, I find it was worth the struggle...I love a clean carpet!

but I hate loosing my mind...



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