Friday, May 30, 2008

Oil Sludge is Good!

Ok, so oil sludge really isn't good, but if you can show proof of regular oil changes it may just work out to your advantage. (BTW Cheryl, oil sludge is when you never get oil changes and your oil gets old and hard and the cylinders can't pick it up anymore. It's a way to starve your engine and not give it any oil. I totally can't believe you didn't know that already. Ok, so maybe I didn't either) Anyhow, I would like to remind everyone to have their oil changed and keep records.

I faxed over my most recent oil changes, the last one being in March and Audi is warrantying my engine. Yeah for us! *side note, Connor just tried to eat her first piece of dog food... I got a worse face when I tried to feed her veggies for dinner. Ok, back to our car. It will be fixed within 2 week and we will get a new, FREE, engine. And I think we have learned our lesson and will try to sell the car the moment we get it back. But I do ask, maybe we can keep it cause it'll be practically brand new. Ok, Ok, I'll sell it!

Now onto my bad month... did i mention we don't have to pay thousands to fix the car? That was really the biggest contribution to killing my month. Also we are a little sad because it's warming up and we still have a yucky backyard, but I got an email yesterday from someone who plans to put the grass and sprinklers in early June... good news again. Ummm, I'm really not sure what else has gone wrong this month other than just being tired and worn out, which is the usual.

But, again, I got good news yesterday. I think I found a part time sitter for our little angel/devil. Lisa, a fellow Bunco-ian, has offered her services and watch Connor on Mondays and Wednesdays. Yeah! So the month started out fine, then went down hill and is now on the rise again. Thanks for the comments and emails of concern, it made me feel loved.

Now for a question and advice from those couple of people who read this. Do the parents out there prefeer a private sitter or commercial day care? Andres and I were discussing the pros and cons. He would rather send her to a 'kindercare' so she can interact with others and not be alone, while I wanted to slowly transition her with a private sitter. I just feel that a big classroom with lots of 'big people' bossing her around would be too overwhelming. Instead she can get used to one person a couple other kids until she is more independant. I want her to be able to walk and understand a bit more before throwing her into the big, crazy world. Andres has agreed to give it a shot, and I am glad. I think we are doing a good thing and soon enough we will pass her on 5 days a week (the boss will be happy about that one!).


Nellie Culkin

ok. So, as the pro with 4 kids that I am......I have put 2 kids in daycare. Savannah my oldest I had family watch her and then a fellow rainbow adult watched her starting at like 3 months. She transitioned to a preschool/daycare fulltime when she was 18 months. She did wonderful. Cheyenne my 5 year old, was watched by the same fellow rainbow adult until she was 14 months old and then she was transitioned over to the same preschool/daycare that savannah was goign to. Cheyenne was a bit young at 14 months because all they wanted to do was carry her around and baby her. So, your idea to slowly transition her is wonderful especially since she is so used to being around you and family. She will have alot of separation anxiety at first. Have the lady distract her while you leave or you will be heartbroken when you leave. My last two kids are still hard to get away from because they have never been in daycare or babysat by hardly anyone. Just a couple close friends and family. They are now 2 and 3. So, good idea to get her started now especially since you do plan on getting her in the daycare environment!! good luck!!

I'm so pleased about the oil sludge. But SELL THE DAMN CAR!!!
As for daycare, you would probably feel better with a friend keeping her to begin with. Tour the commercial facilities and see what you think. Either way, Connor will transition much better than you will.

Cheryl Ann

Ok, I've done the oil thing. I actually cracked the block in my engine because I didn't change/refill/do anything with my oil for like, 2 years. My bad.
No advice on the daycare kids for me, now or ever ;)


I am for the private first or family thing. If you were closer I would take her but I am guessing you are not up for moving to the Bay Area.