Friday, May 30, 2008

Family Night Out

My dear husband took us to the drive in tonight to see Sex and the City!!! Shhh... don't tell anyone, but he admitted he liked it. We agreed that some points were a touch too dramatic, but overall it was funny and the ending was good too. I won't give away any details other than, it got all four of our thumbs up... ok, maybe all six cause Connor went too. More importantly, we found out that the drive in is a great way to see movies without having to find a babysitter.


Nellie Culkin

yes, the drive in is awsome with kids!!!! They can climb all over the place and have ants in their pants while you are watching a movie!!! When it gets warmer and she is a little older it is alot of fun to set the chairs outside and sit outside the car!!! I don't remember the last time I was able to go to the movies. But, the drive in with another adult of course is awsome!! Down here it is a double feature too!!!


This comment goes out to all you new dads out there! The DRIVE-IN Movie is the best date for you and your significant other if you have a baby! It was a blast,you can talk loud,kick your shoes off,get out and stretch,your baby can scream,cry,laugh,move around where ever they please,stand on your lap right in front of yoour head against the steering wheel so you cant see anything, try to hang out the window,try to go out the sunroof, oh and one more thing,you arent limited to what kind of snacks the theater has cuz you can stop at the local AM/PM and load up on drinks and candy! oh and you can go wearing your casual day pants too if you want!!! Anyway,Liz I love you and Connor and hope to have more DRIVE IN dates with both of my beautiful beautiful ladies!