Saturday, May 17, 2008

A game of Catch Up

Grandpa came to town a few weeks ago and Connor had lots of fun playing. Her Uncle Manuel had fun and was a good sport while Connor pulled his hair and slapped his head around a bit. Andres' dad lives in Mexico and it was so great to see them again! Last Saturday Connor and I went to our dear friend Marisa's shower for baby Derek. I need to apologize for all the Yankee items that made their way into our home as I prepared (this house is a red sox house!), Derek and Marisa are New York fans so I had to step on over to the other side for the afternoon.

We then spent Sunday at Hootieville with the family for Mother's Day. It was a nice day of family, food and Nanny taking naps. This is a typical picture of our 90 something year old great grandmother... God bless her.And God bless Ian's hair. This is my ginormous brother (who is now as tall or taller than Mel) and he is crazy. He is in the 9th grade and just got glasses... dork! And my last post from last weekend is our Connor. She is all over the place, crawling and walking while holding onto anything near her. She has actually stood by herself but it doesn't last very long. And now she can wave. Of course, her hands are turned the wrong way but it makes the attempt even cuter this way. Below is her double fisted wave.
I had lots of fun catching out pumpkin laughing and having fun... she is so stinkin cute!