Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Quick Update

So Christmas was great. Santa (aka Mr) brought me a new camera, a picture printer (which is soo compact and cute), a bluetooth headset, my Keurig coffee maker and some misc scrapbooking supplies. My parents added to the collection with a cricut and I am now motivated... or getting closer to being motivated!

*please notice there are no Christmas pictures yet. I think they must be on the old camera

Saturday was spent with family, again, celebrating Muffin's (aka niece) birthday! Connor enjoyed some good usual.Hannah enjoyed the great birthday singing...notice her and Connor wore matching dresses. Thanks Grandma Hootie! Geoffrey the Giraffe had to fill in for Connor in this picture. Jack and Hannah wanted their picture taken with her, but apparently she wasn't in the mood!Sunday Connor and I caught up with our friends Melissa and Julia.We did some shopping, enjoyed some dinner, and then let the kiddies play in the back of their truck while we exchanged gifts.
I love seeing Connor playing with someone her own age. It reminds me how big she is getting, and fast! I am blessed to have such a great friend with such a great kid for play couldn't have worked out any better!

Aren't they so cute together? Thanks Mel!!