Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cleaning Bug

I got was a good bite though. It got me to clean out our closet! I filled 5 bags with clothes and shoes...not sure where I found that much clothes to get rid of, but I did. One bag belonged to the Mr...I promise he checked it all out before saying goodbye and I got the thumbs up on everything but one sweater! I even filled one of my vacuum bags with clothes I swear will fit again eventually...but it's not a New Years goal cause those don't work. They are clothes that are too close to say goodbye to, but I did say ttfn to the ones I believe to be hopeless. You know, the clothes I wore in college that didn't fit before I had a baby. Why on earth will they fit after? Sorry self, but those jeans are water polo season jeans...and I don't see water polo in my future anymore. All I see are the 20 lbs I lost each season, back on. (and I'm saying I found the 20 lbs from each season!)

Either way, I cleaned and I plan to clean more and more and is good! I think I will start off my New Year by boxing up Connor's baby stuff on Thursday and making room for her toddler stuff. This kid is very well off...very!