Wednesday, March 5, 2008


For those who aren't familiar with the story behind Andres and myself, I'll just say 'it's a long one'. However, one thing that wasn't long was the time it took me to fall in love with him. We met in a bar, texted each other for about 4 months and finally met again one afternoon when he showed up at my work. It was an odd day but we became inseperable from that day on. (I can count the days apart from him on one hand beginning May 11th, our first date.)

As we near our 1 year anniversary of marriage I look back at our history together. We've had some great days, some rough days and lots of growing days. But one things for sure, we try to end each of those days with a hug, a kiss and an I Love You. I am thankful for everything God has blessed us with, our health, our new home and most importantly, our baby girl! We are growing as people, as husband and wife and as parents, but each day brings more room for growth. Andres recently bought the audio tapes from Joel Osteen's book, 'Become a Better You' and has really enjoyed it. He is setting goals for himself and, like Joel says, never settle. Strive to be better and achieve more.

I am next in line to listen to the CDs and work on becoming a better me. Joel is inspiring Andres, just like Andres inspires me. He is my google, my search engine when it comes to politics, religion, geography, history, entertainment and so much more. He has a huge heart, and although it tends to get him in some hot water, he is one in a million. He is a handsome man who would give the shirt off his back (I literally stopped him once from doing just that, but with his favorite jacket. I promise I wasn't a Scrooge and I didn't tell him no, i just asked him to go home and pick out a jacket he doesn't wear instead).
I love you Andy, you are my favorite MR!


C. Witt

So sweet ;) Hopefully I get to meet this wonderful dude someday!


Elizabeth, I hope that this isn’t a wrong thing to do, but we all know that I don’t always play by the rules. So here I go. Our family lost a real friend today. Vicky Diem lost a long fight with the big C. She was the most positive person that I have ever met! Vicky was always there for my girls, helping them grow and mature into the beautiful women they have become today she was a true loving friend and I will miss her!


so i think dad needs to get a blog!
he is pretty good at writing and i think it would be a big hit!