Sunday, March 9, 2008

24/7 Golf

So my husband is a new golf fanatic! He eat, breathes and sleeps golf. He has been playing for a little over a year and has taught himself everything he knows. And that is A LOT! His goal is to join a tournament and I believe he will impress everyone. For those who see Andres on a regular basis, check out his feet. There is a 85% chance that he has his golf shoes on.

Now, while this may sound like I am complaining, or being negative about his golfing, I am not. I am proud of him! He impresses me every time I go to the range to watch him hit a bucket. He has dedicated himself to improving his game. Whether he is playing, watching or reading about it, he is learning. He is a very smart man, which I say all the time, and he picks up on new techniques and advice in a second. He does a great job applying himself to new tips and improving his patience each round.

Now will I play with him you ask? Some day. For the first time last week I hit a couple balls at the range with him. It is an awkward sport and takes time to find a comfortable stance, but it can grow on you (well some of you at least). It may just grow on me as well, and i have a good teacher. One thing is for sure, he is more than excited to teach Connor to play. He has taken her to Golfsmith many times and taught her how to hold the club already... of course she holds it and brings it straight to her mouth. So in closing, I am married to a golfing mad man. He is doing so well and Connor and I can't wait to cheer him on (quietly of course) on the sidelines at a tournement soon enough.



Wow hun,thank you!I always got the impression before that golf didn't interest you but to see that you care and praise me for something I love doing makes me feel good and I believe that I can go to the next level with it even more so knowing that you back me up 100% and believe in me. But I do have to say that although I have a passion and love for the game I love more than anything being a father,husband, and so grateful to have someone so beautiful and kind like you to share my life with. I look forward to having to share my golf cart with two gorgeous ladies(you and Connor)next to me! As competitive as we are I am sure golf mathches with the Casstro's will be so much fun! You know Connor will kick are butt's though! One more thing before I go,there isn't anything in the world I love more(even more than golf lol) than being you husband and father to our little girl!I am always thinking and trying to give you to the world! I love you both,Daddy.


I meant to write- I am always thinking and trying to do things every day to give you two girls the world! Sorry for my spelling errors baby,and to think I came in 2nd place in the spelling bee in 3rd grade! But I guess its first or last place and nobody remembers 2nd!


Okay now you guys are talking my language. I am dialated about 2-3 cm...and I was out with Leaf today just putting. Next week I have the green light to go back and play if I want.

If you make it up to Nor Cal you have to call me and we will make sure Andres has a GREAT time. Monterey in June is nice...and there is a poor mans Pebble Beach we can play. Plus I will be recovering so I will not even try to hussle him.