Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Weekends Not Over Yet!

This weekend was full of family time and fun. I did this custom order for my neice Hannah. She said to suprise her but she likes art stuff.I love all the colors!!!
You can check more pics of it on my etsy site also.
Friday night, when I finally got home from work around 8, we ended up heading right back out to Urgent Care.
Miss Connor decided she would tip her and the chair back, resulting in an obscene amount of blood gushing from her mouth. I freaked. Dad ran. We rushed her to the ER, where it was overflowing with Swine we turned around and went to Urgent Care. However, by then she was laughing and playing so we went back home to clean up the scene of the crime...becuase that's what it looked like!
She woke up Saturday with a fat lip that is bruised on the inside and a loose front tooth. I keep reading and everyone keeps telling me it will tighten I am praying for the best.
Saturday we headed to Oak Glen for some good apple fun. It was packed but we still had fun.
Today my sister's and I headed out to Ikea. LOVE that place. SO many cute ideas for great prices. I only came home with a couple little items (excited about my $1.99 trash can) but it was great sister time...
They just wanted out of the car because my dearest, loose toothed, Connor talked the whole way there and back! Good Times.
Tonight we went to Hootieville to enjoy the Mile High Apple Pie I bought yesterday...yummy!
Now I am off to paint some piggies and enjoy another day off tomorrow.
*sorry for no pics...bad weekend to leave my camera battery at home!