Sunday, August 9, 2009

Josh and Ashleah's Starr Baby Shower

Saturday we were excited to host our good friends Josh and Ashleah's baby shower. This was the front table. I layed out a mat and frame for guests to sign with well wishes and love for the new baby. And the favors were bags of popcorn wrapped in a purple paper saying "She's Ready to POP!" The back said "Thank you for popping in the celebrate with Josh and Ashleah". Simple and tasty!
My centerpieces were all about practicallity!
I used shredded paper with baby bottles in her colors to add that baby shower touch (they were brand new and part of my gift)!
To weigh the balloons down on the tables, I used these baby food jars. These were sweet potatoes, which used to be Connor's favorite! Ashleah's mom brought the food and cake. Can you believe they made this cake at Sams Club? Good Job!
*for food we had tons and tons of chicken from Juan Pollo-and we got to keep some leftovers!
This was the gift area. I had them stacked on Connor's tea table. Knowing we would open gifts in here, I cleared out the toys so we wouldn't have to move it all around come gift time.
The clothes line was an idea my sister used at my shower, all of the items are gifts and most of them, homemade!
Did I mentione Ashleah does NOT take pictures. I have known her for 10 years now and probably only have about 5 pictures of her. Crazy!
But I was sure to take plenty when she was too busy to notice.
Congrats Josh and Ashleah. We wish you all the best with Symone Starr!