Friday, January 30, 2009

Craft Space Remodeling

I have been working on organizing and re-organizing my craft space and am getting pretty excited! I used to have everything crammed into our spare bedroom...where I would never actually sit and work. So I decided to move it all into the loft and start the transformation!
This turned out to be a project that sounded like a great idea...till I started. I am exhausted and could use sleep more than a creative crafting space...but I want to finish! Here is what I started with...crap just moved and piled high. I haven't crafted in sooo long that there was NO rhyme or reason to anything. It was completely unorganized! i had tubs and boxes and crates and bags full of anything and everything. So far the area has gotten me excited about scrapbooking again! What do you think?I cleaned out ALL my drawer and bins then I organized and labeled each one!
I am especially excited because I can work on projects and not only have my tools within reach, I can leave my projects at any time, then sit back down and start where I left off!
(I know my wall looks empty...that parts still a work in progress)
I even set up my sewing machine so it's ready for day.

Yeah to my new crafting space and Yeah to motivation! It's still a work in progress (I have some shelves to put up) but it's perfect so far and I am super happy to get to work!