Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Well I thought since I know these 2 beautiful women in my life, thought I would stop by and say hello and add some color to this blogging "thing"lol

Well first off we are finally settled in and it definitely feels like home now! I have to give it to my wife, she really knows how to DELEGATE. Baby,don't take it personal, I love you to pieces but things get done when she has the reigns. I am proud of both of you, now i have 2 princesses and being that she is your clone Liz, you will have a run for the money with who gets spoiled NOW! I am the luckiest man on earth and am so grateful for having such a beautiful wife and gorgeous little girl. Oh and GOD, thank you for Connor looking just like her mommy, she probably would have gotten teased a lot had she looked anything like me. But one thing is for sure, the kid has a lot of heart! She is so loved and always smiling except when the DAIRY QUEEN is not feeding her fast enough! Besides, thanks to Grandma Hootie's class on chewing and tasting wonderful and exotic foods, who needs breast milk? My Daughter can already eat french fries and mango!

I would like to say one more thing before I go, congrats to Grandpa Hootie!!!! The house is awesome and now, when she learns how to walk, who needs Disneyland when you have Hootieville. I mean Mickey Mouse is cool and all but dude Hootieville has the one and only BUSTER. Think about it, all I have to do now is buy a saddle for Buster and Connor will not only have a fast pony but Buster has the coolest hair cut I have ever seen on a dog. Thanks everyone for coping with this random little post of mine. Maybe I will pop up every now and then and post again. Till then take care and see you soon!

p.s. Liz you are a wonderful wife and an amazing mother to our beautiful daughter with that I am the richest man on earth I love you both!


C. Witt

Liz, you're a blessed woman ;) Cute post, Andres! Hopefully someday I will be lucky enough to meet the whole fam.



What a beautiful post! We are fortunate to have such a loving son in law. Can't wait to see the new house today!